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If you would like to read the story of how the Archives were relaunched, scroll to the bottom!

August 21st 2013
Linking things where they belong is being finished (or so I like to believe) and afterwards a lot of pages are being created and/or filled with content, including links, help and this page.

August 20th 2013
I finally link all the files I created in the last 2 weeks to the index-file or wherever they should be linked, this is more work than I expected, so it still takes part of the following day.
Also the Home-button is added and a problem with the background of pages opened outside the frame is solved.

August 18th 2013
More digging, editing, fixing links, finding even more goodies on the internet and on my laptop and creating pages from them later I decide to make anothe update post asking people to Dust off their files, this time one that isn't so long people stop reading ...
18 hours later HAL posts his retirement as CiC and Iain's the new boss. I am convinced that this has nothing to do with my Archives-post.

Sometime in between
I notice that my original goal of launching the Archives at Anniversary will be hard to meet and eventually settle for getting it done in basic at least, even if I don't manage to add nearly as much content to it by that time as I have dug up already.
That doesn't stop me though from digging up even more in the meantime.

August 10th 2013
First Updates-post made announcing The Return of the Archives!
I am asking for old files, memories and suggestions for the Hall of Fame being sent my way. The success is limited.
I keep digging for myself and discover a lot of old files on my laptop to keep me busy. I've always been saving things I thought were pretty and making chatsaves of certain events, never knowing that I'd actually use them for official Archives at one point.

August 8th 2013 or around that date
I have won the last fight with things that just didn't to do/look as I wanted them.
There will turn up a few tweaks that I do in the days following, but those are mostly minor.
I discover the reason why Firefox didn't do what I wanted at the start of the page-creation - but the circumvention that I ended up doing looks better, so I keep it. Still, it's typical ...
The hunt for content continues with increased speed, not being slowed down any more with having to design.

August 4th 2013
The page has arrived at the point where the design is fixed and most things work.
The creation of sub-pages begins while I still fight some parts that don't want to do things the way I want them to. I win .. most of the time. Other things I circumvent.

July 31st 2013 and following days
I couldn't sleep, so I thought about possible designs, and get the idea of having the v1-background as the Archives-background which I think is pretty fitting and a kind of blue screen for the information.
The following days I start working on putting up a draft, and show it to 2-3 people who all say that I should keep working on it, so that's what I do.

July 28th 2013
The FTP-details have been dug out and sent, work on the Archives can start!
Looking at the contents of the FTP-server is ... disappointing, mostly everything was deleted, probably as first step in the maintenance that was supposed to be done 6-7 years previously.
Remaining files are mostly the Yearbooks 00/01 and 01/02 and parts of the Hall of Fame - even the index file and pictures are gone. While the index-file was recoverable, most of the pictures were not - but the page wasn't that pretty anyway.
I make the decision to just create a completely new page instead of just updating/re-activating existing content as I considered.
I start digging up content for the Archives - one of the first things I assemble is the old v1 OTF main-page.

May 21st 2013
Soka (that's me) mails the EC suggesting an Archives-relaunch and gets an instant yes from HAL. Probably breaking all records, the reply arrives within 8 minutes!
Interested in reading the successful proposal?

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