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OTF Archives
OTF Archives


Outpost10F has been around for a long time
..especially considering that chat sites and communities aren't really a thing these days with social media and all that.

Of course while being alive for so long, OTF has made it's own history.

Here in Archives we thrive on history. This site brought to you by the Archives Team is where you can catch up on history you've missed or remember the good old days.

The Archives Team, a team within the Communications Department, is devoted to preseving the past and current events for future chatters and even old-timers wanting to go back in time, per say.

I hope you enjoy your stay in History, and don't get too dusty.

If you wish to donate anything like chatsaves, you'll see a donate button in the upper right corner. If you wish for something to be added, say a topic ect ect, contact CL7 Mr Numbahs.

As of Feb 11th 2015 this page is undergoing renovations. If you find a broken page that lasts more than a couple hours, please Contact us
and report this!

As of 01FEB2018, Archives has been relocated to the Entertainment Department and once again under the management of CL7 Mr Numbahs, SM of Entertainment. Questions/Concerns/Requests to add material can be sent directly to him and it will be added in due time.

OTF Archives

OTF Archives



If you have anything historical you would like to see added, send it here!

The OTF Archives are a project of the Communications Department.
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