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The archives have a lot of content, so finding your way may seem a bit like a maze.
As I want people to find their way through it and not giving up, because there is some really interesting info in these Archives, I decided to write a bit of a help-file.
Yes, most of you will not need it, but sometimes it's still useful.

The buttons on the left that glow when you hover are the main menu.
When you press them there will appear some text in the middle and in most cases a list with Sublinks in the right. You know, the list where you opened this help in.
When you click those Sublinks either the text in the middle with change or a popup appears - if nothing happens your browser probably has suppressed the popup.
If you click multiple links in one page that all open popups they shoudld all open in the same popup. I did that to avoid cluttering of tab-bars. Yearbooks should open in the same popup, and Snapshots in their own.

Some pages have links in the text in the middle too, if you click on those the same two options are possible. If it opens in the same window the link was in, the next button might be useful:

In the top right of the actual content is a link reading Back. Clicking that back-button will get you to the last page you visited, useful in some pages that open in the same window.
This is also helpful if you for example navigated from one menu to the other accidently hitting that will get you back to where you were before.

There is a similar button in the top left that reads Home - it does exactly what is labelled, bringing you back to the homepage. This I added mainly for when someone opens a direct link, which lacks the menus, but of course you can use it too if you really want to read that welcome-message again. Or this Navigation-help for example.

OTF Archives

OTF Archives



If you have anything historical you would like to see added, send it here!

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