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Milestones of OTF History

OTF has for most of its existence been so incredibly active that there is literally a station-full of things that could be mentioned - but it's simply not possible to do it all.
It's very possible I'll add more detailed timelines at a later point, but those need a lot more research - or help from people who know about them.

So .. here is a still pretty long selection of what I consider Milestones.

To make a start, here's a link to a Timeline assembled by Andrew Maxwell (the big boss) which runs from when the Idea of OTF was born up to April 2004, just before Minas Tirith was opened.
It does not only list the publicly known facts, but also gives some insights into behind-the-scenes happenings and makes a very interesting read!
Don't forget to come back after though! (please?)

As usual, click on the submenu for more detailed information!

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If you have anything historical you would like to see added, send it here!

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