Involving Yourself

Article by Brady


So I was going to write an article thanking Iain for his decades and millenia of contributions to the OZD (in Iain time) and to ST Sector Command, and also welcoming Kayana to the post as DSC. But I've already smattered enough of that nonsense all over various mailing lists and updates boards. SO...

Instead, I'm going to re-state my favourite OTF mantra: The Outpost is what you make it. I've been told a few times recently that I am in a clique. An OTF clique. I didn't get it at first, but now I'm going with the idea. I still don't know who is in my clique, what the height restrictions are or what the fee will be. BUT, I am going to open the clique to new members for the next week, free of charge and without restrictions. Only one week - no more, no less. There are a few catches:
  • You must be friendly
  • You must be willing to contribute to the Outpost
  • You must be proactive, and not sit around waiting for other peope to come up with ideas
  • You must be able to take constructive criticism and look at new ideas constructively
If you have not joined the clique within a week, don't blame me - blame yourself. You don't need to apply, you don't even need to touch the keyboard. You just have to know you're in the clique inside your own head. One other thing - if you want to join after the one week period, you can do that too. We're an accepting kind of clique, we know some people are a little slow.

If you want to discuss the clique's plans for world dominations, or where you fit in the clique's master plan, speak to anyone really. Vic, Man in Hat, or any assortment of real people. You could ask them: "How can I make OTF better?" If they don't answer, my inbox is open and sometimes I turn MSN on. Details in doss.

Yay for cliques! You get a cookie upon joining, if you haven't already.



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