OZD Update: Celebrating 40 years of 'Trek

Article by Kayana

This year, the Star Trek franchise celebrates its 40th year of existence. It's been a long ride, with 5 tv shows, numerous movies and countless other products to its name. Star Trek has managed to achieve what few television shows are able to do: transcend beyond a simple storyline to become an iconoclastic phenomenon that has become part of our popular culture.

Who can forget such memorable and oft-repeated lines such as "He's dead, Jim", "Live Long and Prosper" and "Beam me up, Scotty?" In retrospect, after long exposure and countless jokes made about them, such lines appear corny but at the time, we were all gripped by them. Star Trek's plot has been fast and furious, about a galaxy not so far away where humanity was trying to make a new future for itself and in the process, perhaps give us new insights about ourselves too.

Where are we now? In the sci-fi community, there's been a lot of conflict over Star Trek's direction. Star Trek:Enterprise and Nemesis both took Star Trek into a grittier/darker universe and fans are divided over whether it's been a good idea or not. Regardless, Star Trek's popularity has definitely waned. With new sci-fi shows coming out, such as, for example, Battlestar Galatica, younger and perhaps more vibrant acts have been stealing away from the Star Trek fanbase. Is it over for Star Trek?

We don't know. Plans are under way for a 2008 Trek film to be directed by J.J. Abrems who's directed "Alias" and "Lost" to marked success. Perhaps the Star Trek enterprise can be turned around once again. It's been done before, so why not now? Irregardless, however, the Star Trek universe has left its mark. It's brought fans together, launched numerous new ideas and more importantly, it's opened minds. Over at OZD, we can see at least one visible evidence of ST's influence: the bringing together of the OTF community. ;) If only for that reason alone, the OZD would celebrate 40 years of Star Trek's existence.

What's in store for OTF? Well, we've revamped the TF chattop, added new avatars and have other events in store to celebrate the Star Trek universe. Thanks to everyone for contributing especially Aeon, for her avatar additions.

To all of the OTFers out there, keep on 'Trekking!



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