OZD Agent of the Month: CL5 Aeon

Article by Kayana

For the month of November, OZD's Agent of the Month is CL5 Aeon! Aeon has been a recent member of our team and has worked hard spearheading new initiatives within the OZD for which we're grateful for! The OZD is built on the basis of Agents' suggestions/creations so we're always happy to hear new comments and ideas. ;)

Without further ado...the ten questions!

1. Name, rank and physical location?
Lieutenant Commander Aeon (CL5). I've misread the other part of that question with 'physical condition' which reminds me that I should put on my glasses while reading this. Okay... physical location... Right now? Chrissy's hammock. She was so kind to allow it.

2. Why did you join the OZD?
I joined it by accident. Seriously. I was actually looking for Andrew Maxwell's office to get him my application for the commander-in-chief position, when another door opened and someone pulled me in. Iain, Brady and the others weaved their fingers spookily, spinned me around until I was dizzy and signed the contract. Well, I'm happy to be a part of the team, though I still think they hired me only because the Gender Mainstream Officer wanted more women in the OZD. Well, I don't care about the reason. I'm an agent and heck, I love it!

3. What do you like best about the OZD?
I guess, the artistic licence is the best thing about the OZD. You are pretty much free to decide what you want to do; there are only little boundaries if you come up with a new idea. Bring it up, discuss it with the others, and the project is done in no time. That's what I like best about it.

4. Tell us a bit more about the city you live in, what are some of your best/worst memories there? :o)
I'm currently living in Villa Las Estrellas on King George Island, Antarctica, where I got banned am spending my sabbatical. Best memory? The penguins. Worst memory? The penguins. =(

5. Favorite ST episode?
"The Best of Both Worlds". *looks around, watches the speechless crowd* Yeah, what? It's not that difficult to name my favorite episode, is it? Well, anyway... and joking aside. That episode is pretty remarkable as it was the one that started the ball rolling. Methaporically, that is. I mean, I was like 14 years old when that episode aired and it really meant the start of my "Trekker career" as it made me a fan.

6. Lucky number?

7. If you had ten wishes what would be your first wish?
I would wish I could meet Alanis Morissette to sing a duet with her.

8. How did you find out about OTF?
It's so long ago, that I can't really remember it. It must have been around 1997 when I was looking for a German Star Trek chat. I accidentally landed on the Lucca Sambucca-Hablapucca-whatever 200 Top Trek Sites, where the Outpost was listed. Well, the rest is history. I've entered the chat, registered on the same day and stayed as a member until now (only to be interrupted by a five-year-mission leave).

9. It's Christmas time, has Brady been naughty or nice? ;)
Brady? This evil fiend who's stolen all my ginger bread on the last OTF Christmas staff party? Tss... But then again... he's been pretty nice this year. Said lovely things about me... accepted me into the OZD... Okay, it's obvious that I'm bribing here, innit? (But we all love Brady, that's fo' shizzle.)

10. Any other comments? :)
Well, I'm proud to be Agent of the Month, especially because I could fill out another survey interview. But maybe I should end this interview with some wise words like "Live long and prosper" or " etc. but honestly... I'm too busy with my twenty-six department jobs. So, I'll only say thanks for the flowers, enchantée and see ya.


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