FY Patron of the Month Interview

Article by Bryce

Last monthÂ’s winner of the FY Patron of the Month Award was FY DSC Luc Deathstryke (CL7). So, I caught up with him and asked him a few questions regarding the award.

1 - How does it feel to be recognized for your hard work in the fantasy sector with the Fantasy Patron of the Month award?
It feels nice to be rewarded from time to time, to know that you aren't just doing your job for no reason. Although, I'm sure most people will tell you that they do it because they enjoy it, being rewarded with something like this is always nice.

2 - How long have you been on the Wizards team, and how much of that time have you spent as Fantasy Deputy Sector Commander?
I've been the DSC for a little over a year now, having been offered the job shortly after the 8th anniversary. Prior to that I had spent about four months--maybe a little longer--as the Red Wizard of Fire.

3 - What made you take such an interest in the fantasy sector?
I had grown up reading books like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia:’ kids these days are growing up reading ‘Harry Potter,’--which I am also a huge fan of--so to be able to come up with events that mirror these personal joys is a great opportunity.

4 - Did you expect at all that you might receive this award?
I would love to say ‘no,’ but it's kind of spoiled seeing as I am on the group that decides who gets what award. The nomination, however, was very surprising.

5 - Do you have any Outpost 10F goals that you have not yet accomplished?
Only a few, but I keep those to myself. I have a ‘personal checklist,’ if you will, as to what I would like to accomplish before I am done here at Outpost 10F.

6 - Do you believe that fantasy is the best Outpost 10F genre? Why?
I believe we [the Fantasy Sector] have the greatest potential of the three genres because of all the untapped resources. There is so much out there in the Fantasy genre, from books to movies, and even TV shows these days. It's a case of HAL, the Wizards, and myself getting together to create something. The only problem is that right now we are looking at the end of the first semester for a lot of college students; so we are running short on time, and the first place to get sacrificed is Outpost 10F. As any good OTF boss will tell you, ‘real life comes first!’

I would like to thank Luc for allowing the Blue Report to conduct this interview.

Alivan (CL5)


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