Senate Update: Garage Days Re-visited

Article by Bria

Hey hey!

At first I was going to write "nothing happened", but then I realised that that's not what people want to read in a report like this one. Well, maybe it is when the report is written by me, because it's infinitely preferable to reading the usual tripe. But I'm not that nice, so let's get on with it so I can stop writing and you can go home.

Well, earlier on this month, Jaden's key to the armoury went missing. Of course, the usual suspects were – ah, suspected, and duly interrogated. Afterwards, a slightly-the-worse-for-wear ("I feel terrible, moan moan moan") Hobbie and a charred Osiris ("Gah, how'd she do that without an armoury! :@") were pulled away from the interrogation chamber (it used to be the Reception Room for Extragalactic Parties, but hey, Jaden's in charge now) by an exasperated Queen Demon. The keys were later found in Iain's sock drawer; he continues to deny all knowledge.

A few days later, Cynara proposed a new law to allow the cutting of trees on Kashyyyk, to make paper for books. We told her books are electronic and stored on data disks in Star Wars, but she's traditional like that. Anyway, the law was passed, much to the distress of KypDea (Ewok, remember?) and myself (smuggler, remember?). Subsequent action on the part of the two of us involved chaining ourselves to the trees to be cut down, which was described by various parties as "kinky", "reckless", and "Oh, easy dinner today!".

"But what about the garage days thing?" I hear you ask. To which I might say "Get yourself a copy of Garage Inc.!" but, for the sake of those of you who aren't heavy metal fans, won't. Instead I'll tell you some far-fetched tale involving a garage, boxing gloves, window blinds and two-and-a-half spoonfuls of sugar, which will be so boring that no one will want to read it, and therefore I'll refrain from writing it here.

Will Hobbie and Osiris ever recover? Will QD go mad with playing nurse? Is Iain's armoury-keys sock drawer the start of an entirely new fashion trend in footwear? Will KypDea and I escape from the approaching tree-cutters, predators, and promiscuous... Wookiees (insert reference to another Metallica album in here at your own risk)? Tune in next week to find out!

Clear skies! \m/

Bria Terrik
Senator of Corellia
Currently live from Kashyyyk - save the trees!


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