Selfies on the Death Star...

Article by Dookie

This month I am returning as a contributor to the Blue Report in replacement of Ayanna who has computer problems.  It’s really a privilege and pleasure to be back and writing for this column. When the Editor in Chief asked me to substitute this month, I couldn’t say no! 

So I’ve been thinking about what to cover, this month.  And loyal to their dedication and hard work the social media team came through once again!  They shared some very interesting stories and content about the first ever on-screen kiss between a white man and a black woman.  Do you know which that is?  It’s not as recent as you may think.  It actually happened during Star Trek the Original Series back in [year].   

This is Drunk History, as told by Raven-Symoné:

Also this very week we saw something groundbreaking and remarkable!  I’m talking about the SpaceX test flight of the Falcon Heavy Rocket!!! 27 rocket boosters! 3 cores!! 5 million pounds of thrust! 141,000 lbs of payload!!!  These stats are superbly impressive!! I was lucky enough to be home when the launch occurred and I watched it Live on the Internet in utter awe and astonishment of the precision, synchronicity and majestic beauty of this feat of engineering!! Congratulations SpaceX! That was truly an absolutely incredible event to witness!

Social media was all over this grand occasion, either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram via Elon Musk’s personal account!

In other news, there’s a Harry Potter cruise on the horizon:

And let us not forget, it’s been 2 years since the passing of Alan Rickman , we miss him dearly.  For Alan Rickman, and all our friends and loved ones who have passed, We Miss You... Always! 

CL7 Dookie, Signing out!


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