Inside Chewbacca's "Wonderful Wookiee Recipes" Launch Party

Article by Carol

Inside Chewbacca's "Wonderful Wookiee Recipes" Launch Party
by Cassa Soto
Intergalactic Columnist from Coruscant

Coruscant is possibly the busiest planet in the galaxy. There are private parties, Senate meetings, and public celebrations ever so frequently. People from all races come and go all the time. It's easy for the average person to get pulled in to the wave of motion. And when you're caught in the wave of motion you just might miss something wonderful. For example; you might miss a delightful evening with friends. But in this particular case you might have missed the opportunity to go to the book launch party for Chewbacca's “Wonderful Wookiee Recipes”.

When picturing a Wookiee book launch party one might think simple. Given the fact that Wookiee's are not a flamboyant people simple would be a fair assumption. However; Chewbacca's launch party was far from it. Instead, it was an elegant and tasteful affair. The decorations were white with tiny gold leaf details. Soft purple and pink flowers subtly decorated the tables as well the door ways. The room was lit with a chandelier and glowing orbs. The decorations left you with a sense of awe. Personally it also left me with a sense of wonder. I found myself asking, “Were Chewbacca's personal tastes this elegant or did the Wookiee have a helping hand from his long time friend Princess Leia Organa?”

The event was not only an elegant affair but a quiet one as well. Attendees mulled around talking to each other while feasting on samples from the cook book. The samples? They were a mixed taste of what Chewbacca's cook book had to offer. From simple sweets made from tree saps and oats to savoury meats seasoned with Chewbacca's favourite herbs.  There was something for everyone. Offered one at a time, each sample came with a suggested wine pairing much to everyone's delight and surprise. Whether Chewbacca himself paired the wines with the food or not, I cannot say. Whoever did the pairing though was right on the money.

Seven samples and six glasses of wine in, I made my way to where Chewbacca was standing, by a carefully setup display of his cook book. The display was near a table with what looked suspiciously like a roasted Porg along with all the fixing for a full course meal. It looked absolutely delicious to say the least. Chewbacca was graciously signing copies of his cook book when I reached him. Handing him my copy I asked him if he had a moment for a couple of questions? Naturally Chewbacca agreed.

“Why did you feel like you needed to write a cook book,” I asked suspecting that this was a historical moment for Wookiee's everywhere since his cook book was the first of its kind. “I like food,” Chewbacca replied simply with a look that told me I should have known that was his answer. When I asked him what advice he could offer to anyone trying his cook book Chewbacca roared with laughter. His answer, “Anything can be cooked and anything can taste good.” A not unsurprising answer from a Wookiee. Nonetheless, I still found myself laughing along with him. When I informed Chewbacca I had one last question he almost looked sad. “If you had to pick one recipe as your favourite which one would you pick,” I asked wondering if Chewbacca would be able to choose. After a moment's thought Chewbacca answered, “Spicy Porg Wings.” I thanked Chewbacca for his time as he handed me back my copy of his cook book with a nod. Stepping away I took a peak inside to see what he had signed, “Cook with the stomach of a Wookiee; Chewbacca.”

I spent the rest of the evening trying a few more samples from Chewbacca's cook book.  Then, as the evening came to a close Chewbacca gave a simple but lovely speech. He thanked us for not only attending his launch party but for also trying his cooking. The cook book, Chewbacca informed us, had originally just been a joke between himself and his best friend Han Solo so he was pleased to see it so well received. So regardless of how well the cook book sells Chewbacca stated that he would always look back at the launch party with fond memories.

Thank you for reading!  Keep an eye out for my next article!


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