The Alfore Encounter

Article by StealthKitty

Chapter 11:  Adjustments

"Buenos Dios," Tony whispered.

Shara stretched, grunted, eased her eyes open. She looked around, then groaned unVulcan-like and slammed them shut again.

"Chica? Are you alright," Tony whispered.

My head... it feels like it has been struck by a photon torpedo, Shara thought whispered back.  And you are speaking much too loudly. She added.

Lo ciento. You're just dehydrated, Chica. Here, drink some of this water, Tony thought as he gently lifted her into a sitting position. With eyes still tightly closed she grasped the mug he offered and carefully sipped its contents. She finished it off with an uncharacteristic belch and flopped back on the bed.

Shara laid so still for the next few minutes that Tony thought she had fallen asleep. However, her eyes flew open and she dashed off the bed making a beeline to the privy. Tony followed her expecting to hear retching sounds. Instead, he was nearly run down as she exited fully dressed hopping on her right foot as she attempted to pull on her left boot.

"Hing training! I will be late...," Shara started breathlessly, then stopped abruptly to stare at her cats. Kiki was fast asleep, sprawled on her back with her paws in the air. The kits were equally insensate. If there was Hing training, they would've been obediently waiting for her at the door. As for the Graya, they dozed, curled together in their blanket bed.

"T'Shara, are you alright," Tony asked, as she let the left boot drop with a thud and abruptly sat on the bed.

"Aside from the headache I am functioning within..." she started.

"Just say yes or no, T'Shara. It's only us," Tony said.

"I am fine," she replied, looking around their domicile as if seeing it for the first time. "Tony, how did I get home?"

Aye, aye, aye! She had to ask that question, Tony thought. Shara frowned at him as she picked up the stray thought.

"I carried you because you were too tipsy to walk," Tony replied truthfully.

"I was inebriated? Vulcans do not...," Shara began haughtily.

"I don't know about other Vulcans but you certainly did. It may have been the chemical compounds of the Ice Wine combined with your Vulcan physiology that...," Tony rushed to explain.

"I pray I did not make an utter buffoon of myself," Shara cut in as she did an uncharacteristic face palm.

"Actually, you sang quite nicely," Tony replied.

"I sang," Shara gasped in query, her mouth dropping

Tony had never witnessed such an expression on a Vulcan before. On Shara it was adorable.

"What did I sing," Shara hazarded to ask.

"I didn't know you were such a Beatles fan." Tony replied, as he gave her an encouraging half grin. Shara seemed to instantly deflate before him.

"I know I asked this a few minutes ago, but are you alright," Tony asked again as he knelt before her and took her hands in his.

Being raised by Humans, Shara had a distinct unVulcan-like veneer although she'd been expertly tutored to act the Vulcan part. However, for the past few days she'd been the most uncharacteristic Tony had ever seen her. Either she'd grown exceeding comfortable living with the Alforians, or...

"Chica, how long do we have" Tony asked. He watched as her Vulcan composure instantly slipped back into place and engaged tighter than an airlock.

"Less than a standard seven day week," she replied after a few seconds of mental calculation. Alforian weeks are ten days long.

"What do you need me to do," Tony asked.

The penetrating gaze Shara gave him in reply was unmistakable.

"Perhaps I should rephrase that,"  Tony stated. "Are there any preparations that need to be made beforehand?"

"Please inform Quan and the crew."

"Done. Anything else?"

"During the event, please make sure I am properly hydrated and consume the appropriate amount of sustenance."


"Finally, do not allow me to injure you. I've grown too fond of you to allow any mishap to befall you," Shara confided.

Tony nearly laughed. After all she was 5'8 and ballerina slim, while he was 6'2, rugged and outweighed her by perhaps fifty pounds of muscle. However, he'd heard stories of Vulcans injuring, and even killing their mates while under the effects of the Plaktow, or Blood Fever. Therefore this was a legitimate concern. Tony prayed his black belts in judo and tae kwon do would help. With Shara's superior Vulcan strength, he was certainly going to need the skills they were awarded to him for.

"I promise I will not Chica."

"Why is there no hing training today?"

"To give new couples time to settle in and enjoy their relationships. Many had to move to new quarters. I'm here because my friend Toh and his new wife had nowhere to go.

Shara gazed at the neat stack of woven boxes which sat by the entrance door. The good doctor was a slob. Shara on the other hand was an obsessive compulsive neat freak. This relationship was shaping up to be very interesting.

"I believe what I am experiencing are symptoms of a hangover," Shara said.

"You are correct. In your case I recommend rest."

"I trust you will not turn our shared space into a midden while I sleep," Shara said sternly.

"I promise I won't." Tony replied, then smiled.


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