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Article by Richard Smith

Hello everyone,

I’m Captain Richard Smith, the Senior Manager of Communications, and once again the Editor of the Blue Report. Thanks for taking the time to read this month’s issue.

It’s August, and that means it’s time for the Outpost Anniversary. If you are new to the Outpost, the Anniversary is celebrating the month OTF went online 16 years ago. We have some special events, the Bulls Eye Competition shows us who has the fastest trigger finger, we unveil the yearbook, Admiral HAL speaks….er types, and Those who have made strides to make the community better are recognized.

It’s a bunch of fun; some old timers usually drop in and regale us with funny stories of days gone by. Tanya is hard at work getting things ready, so keep an eye to the updates board for more on the Anniversary schedule.

This month’s issue of the Blue Report is jam packed.

• Cameron interview Darth Sidious about Simming rising from the ashes,

• I’ll review “The Wolverine” in our Outpost Movie Review,

• The Classifieds make a return. Yes there are some open slots waiting for you.

• We have some really good fan fiction from StarFinder Warp and T’Pel,

• T’Pel also updates us on some Sci-Fi news having to do with a Star Trek Actor,

• And I’m happy to say the Agony Aunt is back and will give you a good laugh.

Lastly, keep an eye out for the Outpost Yearbook. If you haven’t submitted a picture and filled out the interview, please make sure to do so. Check out the Updates Board for more on that.

Again, thanks for checking out this month’s Blue Report. I’ll see you in chat and talk to you again next month.

Smith Out.

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Simming is Back!

Article by Cameron

Simming is rising from the ashes and it seems to be off to a really great start. I decided to talk with the Simming Team Leader, CL4 Rezal/Darth Sidious about what we can expect from the new simming team.

BR: Since you'll be the Team Leader for Simming, Is there anything you plan to get rid off or change?

Rezal: We aren't going to touch on Play by Email this time round, and we are planning to make the plots episodic, so they run more like a TV show than one off Sim Events.

We are also making use of a custom built forum, whether this sees use as team communication only, or is used for Play by Forum as well, is yet too be seen. But it's something the team likes, and we hope the rest of OTF can get behind as well.

BR: Also let me congratulate you on being given the responsibility of leading your first Team! For all those who are new, or for those who may have forgotten, what does Simming involve?

Rezal: Why thank you! It is a great honour to be given this responsibility, and I hope I can do the role justice.

Simming is about bring a community together into a live creative writing environment. It gives like minded fans the chance to actually participate in the worlds and universes that they love so much. It's about giving control of story to the players, while being led on a wild, exciting, and fun adventure.

At the Simming team, we are aiming to create engaging plots that everyone can jump into to, and to create a stability within these plots, to allow people the confidence, and desire to come back for every Sim, and to get involved in sculpting a part of the story for themselves. We want people to have fun, and that's what Simming is all about. Fun.

BR: Who is currently on the Simming Team?

Rezal: We have Mackenzie Soul, Better known as Stephi, Heading up the Live Simming Team, and Cameron heading up the illustrious writing team, both supported by the wonderful T'Pel as assistant Division Leaders. Working on Forums (http://otfsimming.boards.net/), we have my Right hand man, and second in Command Mr. Numbahs, and Darth Jadus, though the Position of Assistant Division Leader here is open to anyone whom would like to apply! And we also have Soka putting in many hours work towards our snappy new website, temporarily living at http://otfsimming.darth269.com/ until we can move it over to OTF's Servers!

BR: What do you think will be the Simmings Team biggest Challenge?

Rezal: Keeping interest from Sim to Sim. Every Simming Team has suffered from loss of interest, and as such, members of the team or players leave, or stop showing up.

We need to keep things engaging, and if things slow down, we'll need to shake them up again. If we can't keep things fun and interesting, then the Team just won't survive.

BR: Will Simming still Remain a Team, or could that Change?

Rezal: We are a part of the ENT Department if that's what you mean, and I don't think that will change. With the revival of Simming, an ENT command structure might be reformed, which will help with the smooth running of all teams involved, but I can't see anything changing about them being a team of ENT.

BR: Have you been involved with Simming before?

Rezal: Yes, I was a member of the Simming Team in the early 2000's

BR: What will the First Simm be based of, a series, Book or a whole new creation?

Rezal: The first Sim will be set in the Star Trek Universe. We are looking into setting it after Nemesis in the original universe.

BR: Where will the First Simm take place?

Rezal: Likely the Admiral's Office, We have only had contact with Tanya on the EC so far and she suggested this as a location where we don't interrupt the flow of normal chat, but it's still somewhere that can normal chatters can easily jump to if they want to participate.

This should allow for good environments for both players and those who don't want to be involved. If this can't be set up by the time we are ready, then it will take place in the Outpost 10F chat.

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Outpost 10F Classifieds

Article by Richard Smith


Team Members - The Marketing Team is looking for members interested in promoting the Outpost to outside sources. Prior marketing experience not necessary. If interested contact Team Leader Lt. Cameron Brown .


Team Members - The Unions Team is looking for members to help plan the 2014 Philadelphia Union. Attendance at the union not manditory, but is encouraged. You can help plan events to entertain your fellow OTFers at the 3 day event in July of 2014. HTML and any other coding skills are a plus. If interested contact Team Leader Lt. Commander Numbahs .

Blue Report

Video Editor - The Blue Report is in need of someone who is experienced in the field of video editing. Responsibilities will include editing videos, uploading them to You Tube for use in the Blue Report. Those interested should contact Capt. Richard Smith

Free Lance Writers - The Blue Report is in need of people to accept as needed assignments. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required. Those interested should contact Capt. Richard Smith

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Outpost 10F Movie Review

Article by Richard Smith

Hello and welcome to the Outpost Movie Review. This month I’m taking a look at Marvel’s “The Wolverine”. Beware there are some spoilers.

The story follows Logan to the Canadian Wilderness following X-Men: The Last Stand. He’s living as a hermit in a cave reliving the death of Jean Grey over and over again. Some hunters change his desire to remain secluded. A mysterious woman with a samurai sword brings logan to Japan to see a man whose life he once saved in WWII now wealthy and on his deathbed. This man offers Logan a chance to get rid of his healing ability and become a normal man with the ability to live a limited lifespan. The story takes off from there.

If you haven’t seen the flick yet, I have to say it is a good movie, but not the Blockbuster I was expecting. I thought the plot was a good one, I enjoyed the action, I think the characters played their parts well, I just thought it was predictable. The film didn’t take me on the journey. I knew what was coming; it was just a matter of time. As a matter of fact, I was really surprised until a scene in the end credits. Don’t wait this time; there really is nothing at the end.

That being said, I think it does justice to the X-Men Franchise and it does leave me waiting for the Days of Future Past due out in May of next year. It does pain me though to say I think Disney is doing a better job producing Marvel products.

While I probably wouldn’t pay again to see it in the theatre, I will be picking it up on DVD when it comes out.

I’m giving The Wolverine 3.5 Outposts out of 5 for Watch ability. Thanks for watching and make sure to leave a comment below to let others know what you think. I’m Rich Smith with this Month’s Outpost Movie Review

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Food for Thought

Article by R. K. Wigal

It felt like he was being stung by thousands of tiny mosquitos. When the medical officer looked down at his arm, he saw nothing. But the pain was still there. He quickly took out a hypo and injected an antihistamine into his bloodstream. Just then, the rest of the landing party started feeling it...so Dr. Benjamin Carr hurriedly injected them. His tricorder readings showed nothing unusual. Then he said, "Away mission's over! We're beaming back to the ship until I can get a fix on this and then fix it!"He then touched his comm-badge.

"Carr to Keppler! We have a medical problem!"

"Draco here. Do you have an emergency?"

"No, Captain. At least not yet. But I want all five of us beamed directly to Sick Bay and once we're on board, I want a level ten force field surrounding Sick Bay. I'll fill you in later."

"Consider it done, Doc!"

Carr turned to the others and said, "I need you to bring whatever samples you gathered with you."

Once in Sick Bay, Carr asked, "How's the pain?" He already knew the answer.

Commander Karen Ziegler, zoologist, answered first, "It's only in the arms and legs, but it really hurts, Doc!" The others said much the same. Cmdr. Jim Stakely, botanist, said"Ben, I think it's getting worse." Carr looked at the others quizzically. They shook their heads.

"I'm going to take blood and skin cell samples," the doctor said. He then took blood from the four, from himself, and he followed by taking skin scrapings.

"Now, who brought what from the planet?"

Lt. Cmdr. Karen Ziegler responded, "I brought some very nice vid-recs of animal tracks I'd never seen before."

Cmdr. Rudy Flores, geologist, said, "I picked up a few good minearal samples, but nothing exotic."

Lt. Domenic Didonato said that his archeological search was a bust. "I found no signs of civilized habitation whatsoever, Doctor, so I brought nothing back."

Cmdr. Stakely, starting to grimmace from the worsening pain, said that he had uprooted and potted half a dozen unique looking plant specimens and pointed to them.

Dr. Carr examined the minerals first, looking closely at every millimeter of each with a magnifier. "Hmmm," he muttered. He put the minerals back and then began looking over the plant specimens. They were either sumac, Ivy or fern. All were lush green. None had flowers or seed pods. They were cool to the touch. They exhibited nothing unusual. Very carefully, he took scrapings from the leaves and stalks of each plant. Then, one by one, he tested blood, skin cells, minerals, plant leaf cells and, plant stalk cells.

"Any ideas?" he asked the group. Shrugs and shaken heads were their only response. "Well, I have a hunch," he said. "Let's see if the mass spectroanalyzer bears me out." He looked at the data he had accumulated.

"The pain," Carr said, "is caused by a simple molecule that enters the bloodstream through the skin and clamps itself onto a pain generating nerve. It's size makes it extremely difficult to detect and nearly impossible to combat. It's harder to cure than a virus. These molecules are a defense mechanism of one or more of the plant species. When pestered by an animal...or, in our case, a human, the plant emits the molecules which attack the pest. And it appears," he told Stakely, "that you are still being attacked. To be on the safe side, We are returning all minerals and plants to the surface. Jim, I'll take your notes. You're in no condition to go anywhere."

Dr. Carr and Cmdr. Flores returned to the planet's surface. Rudy returned each mineral to the exact spot where he had found it. Dr. Carr, using Cmdr. Stakely's notes, replanted every floral specimem in its original location. The two then returned to the ship.

Capt. Draco, Dr. carr and the other away team members met for a debriefing an hour later. All symptoms of pain had vainshed. Dr. Carr Briefed Capt. Draco on what had occurred. Then he added, "Sam, I believe the plant that fires the molecules also communicates with them. Once the plants were returned to their habitat, the molecules released their grip...but not until then."

Capt. Draco spoke. "Telepathic plants...Interesting concept. Warrants further study. Let's look into it...carefully!"

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Part Two: The USS T'Kumbra: A Trip Home

Article by T'Pel Kestra

T'Pel woke up to a very quiet house and headed to her parents room. She quietly knocked on the door to check on her mother, and heard nothing but knew she was in there so she cracked the door, but stopped when she saw Lorina meditating and still no sign of father. There was a sick feeling growing in her stomach as she shut the door and headed down stairs where Kalen and Nala were sitting at the table drinking Raktajino from the smell of it.

Kalen looked up at her and forced a small smile,"Sleep well?" He asked.

T'Pel took up her own cup of raktajinoand sat, "Well enough. Father never came home?" She asked, not wanting to avoid the issue any longer.

Kalen shook his head and looked at his wife, "We informed the authorities an hour ago. They are looking into it and said that they would contact us should any news surface. They suggested that he perhaps just wandered off on his own. However, we both know it is not like him to do that."

"Mother hardly ever meditates unless she is stressed beyond her tolerance. I also still have not heard word from him." T'Pel responded, ignoring the fact that she was being stared at by Nala.

Silence followed until she couldn't stand it any longer and looked to Kalen with a firm stare, who quirked a brow before looking to Nala who in turn darted her eyes to him and back to T'Pel, "Sorry. I didn't mean to stare. It's just that even with Vulcan ears, I would have expected you to be a bit more worried about this. After your mother comes down, we were going to go searching for him ourselves."

T'Pel quirked a brow and took a sip of her coffee, "Worrying would accomplish nothing. Vulcan logic dictates that emotional control must be a constant and being worried is not a productive emotion. That being said, do not think that I do not care."

"You just have a funny way of showing it. He is your father. He raised you." Nala said and drank her coffee.

T'Pel stared at the woman a moment, finding her to be a growing disappointment as a mate for her brother and took a deep breath, "The fact that Bajoran's lack emotional discipline does not render their feelings more genuine. That I choose not to engage in hysterics does not mean that I am indifferent to my father's well-being nor ambivalent about his safe return."

Nala then bit her lip and looked at Kalen who said nothing and sipped his coffee. There was some telepathic communication between the two, T'Pel assumed, and she shot Kalen a stern look… do not be rude.

Kalen said nothing but looked to the table, and for the first time T'Pel was able to notice he was holding back tears. She knew he was concerned but had no idea it was affecting him to this point, "Vulcan security are doing everything they can, I am sure. This man will be found and brought to justice." She assured.

His dark eyes fixed on her sternly, "Before or after father is murdered? You are in Starfleet. Surely there is something you can do." There was a slight quiver in his voice, and despite Kalen's usual acceptance of his emotional nature he was often more adept at holding onto his nerve.

T'Pel could not help but stare at him, "It is not that simple. Vulcan is a sovereign member of the Federation, and Starfleet cannot simply barge into Vulcan internal affairs. Also, Starfleet likely is aware of the situation and has moved to offer assistance."

"So…you are saying you are going to do nothing. Sakar I am sure would turn every rock over to find you." Nala chimed in angrily.

T'Pel just sat and stared at her in mild shock. The nerve this woman had. However she was correct and T'Pel knew her father would not sit idly by if it was her missing. Which just made the sickening knot in her stomach tighten painfully and she stood, heading for the back door.

"You are going on a walk, now? Are you sure you should go alone, Kessy?" Kalen called after her. She turned back and picked up her phaser from a drawer, shooting them both a glare, "Since you seem to expect Starfleet to solve this problem while you are sitting around drinking raktajino, I will do as you demand and begin my own investigation.”

Nala was staring at her cup and Kalen put a hand on hers, "She is not angry at you. Though, it would be best not to push her buttons on this matter. T'Pel is capable of a very violent and unrelenting temper and with this added stress we do not want to unleash it. She is not like me."

Nala gave a nod, "I suppose you are right."

More of the story here.

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Sci-Fi News

Article by T'Pel Kestra

Just for Laughs

Sad news was given to me a while back involving Alexander Enberg, or as some of you may know him as Vorik from Star Trek: Voyager.

The date is lost from me, however he has suffered a stroke and was in a coma. There was minimal brain activity and they did not believe he would recover. With that being said, miracles do happen and I found myself hoping he pulled through, though he will likely never be quite the same.

Alex Enberg is 41 years old, and this proves that such things can hit at any time. I encourage you all to learn what you can and take preventive measures in awareness because it may not end up being you, you may still be able to offer assistance otherwise.

I also ask that you offer any prayers or well wishes in any way you deem fit. I know he has a Facebook page but not sure how effective that would be.

From what I have been told by a friend who was lucky enough to meet him at a Convention, he was High energy and of the friendliest nature. Very accepting of his fans and had a willingness to meet them. He sounds like one hell of a guy and I hope he pulls through. He brought to life a very expressive and accepting Vulcan who has ended up on my list of favorites. I wish his friends and family well in this time.

Though as time has passed his recovery seems assured. He is moving on his own as well as talking, if not completely. There is still a long way for him to go, but he is out of his coma and working toward improvement.

This is good news and is what his friends, family, and fans have all been hoping for. I am hoping for his continued success in recovery.

And remember people, learn what you can and be knowledgeable about the signs of strokes. Not all cases turn out like Alex's. Learn, observe, and hopefully get someone help in time.

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Agony Aunt

Article by Mr Numbahs

Dear Agony Aunt,

My kids are going nuts! All they do is play and Scream and they are only 6,4,&2! What do you recommend?


New Parent

Dear New Parent,

Buy Stock in headache medicine, band-aids and Paper Towels...Trust me...


Agony Aunt

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Just for Fun

Article by R. K. Wigal

 just for fun

Download Crossword.

 just for fun

Download puzzles.

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Just for laughs

Article by Cameron

Just for Laughs

Just for Laughs

Just for Laughs

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