Blue Report's In For The Summer!

Article by Amanda Chryso

Despite this Blue Report being later than our usual late, we wanted to make sure that you got your fill. AJ crashed Bria's computer with some questionable Ewok material, so your back-ups were Hobbie and I. Bet you're already wishing that Bria's laptop hadn't met its deathÂ… and I'm only two sentences into my Blue Report introduction. This is my first one. I'm not used to writing things that are supposed to be funny and entertaining. *hits Hobbie as he starts to point out I was the editor of the Tribune only a few months ago*

The last month has been hopping in OTF with more excitement planned throughout the coming months leading up to the tenth anniversary of OTF. But until thenÂ… we're stuck with an issue of the Blue Report where Polson is worshiping a Captain Tightpants, there's promise of Harry Potter fun showing up, and more SW 30th Anniversary partying. There's perhaps a conspiracy of Aeon awarding herself with the rank-o-matic? I heard there's even an Amazing Race? I'm not sure about the poetry thingÂ… we might have to help Dmitri. AlthoughÂ… having the new ST DSC wandering around lost in the depths of OTF wouldn't be a bad thingÂ…

Before we all get excited on that idea, read the Blue Report and then go steal and con the Amazing Race hints out of your fellow OTFers you couldnÂ’t figure out yet! BTW... my first Blue Report article wouldn't be complete without pointing out... Luc Deathstryke is a jerk.

Amanda Sielu Paris (CL7)
Star Wars DSC

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One-Zero-Division Update/Fanciful Fabrications

Article by Polson

ItÂ’s hot, itÂ’s hip, itÂ’s happening, itÂ’s the OZD! At least thatÂ’s what the label says. And what have we been up to? I have no idea. So IÂ’ll make up some stuff.

First off, DmitriÂ’s been added to my OZD mailing list so IÂ’m going to assume there was some kind of coup in which Kay was taken hostage and sold to finance DmitriÂ’s relentless march into leadership, Iain was forced to wear pink rubber panties with daisies on them and Cinna seduced the Napoleon wannabe so that she could become Queen of the OZD and dispatch Dmitri at her leisure. The evidence to support this theory may be vague and quite possibly misplaced but that is a minor detail that will be corrected once the data can be fabricated, I mean uh, once we clear up a few matters.

Over at the OZD, CL6 Mezoti and CL7 Amanda Sielu Paris worked together to jointly host the Firefly weekend in the CCC that you might have bumped into. Thanks to Amanda and Mez for the legwork, Iain and Aeon for the gruntwork and everyone else for partcipating. In truth, there has been much preparation for some future projects that will be implemented in the coming summer months, including the most anticipated Amazing Race! Big things are afoot and I donÂ’t just mean Grant. Although he is big and he is afoot and he is jealously hunting Iain. We all wish Grant the best of luck.

And kudos to Amanda and all those who worked on the Firefly weekend. Captain Tightpants is my hero.

Word, yo.

Department of Something or Other

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The Senate Update

Article by Bria

Oh, what to say about the Senate these days? A quote from a song comes to mind; "there was arguments, scraps, some killings perhaps". Usually employed by me to describe the more quiet tea-parties I've attended, it fits the Senate rather well this month. We have argued quite a bit. I always say that's a good sign, though, and circumstantial evidence agree with me, possibly because it's too afraid to do anything else. But hey, we even got some work done, can't be that bad.

Most of this work has centred on the celebrations for 30 years of Star Wars, more details thereof in the possibly bloody aftermath next month. We did already have a Trivia, surprisingly won by Hobbie - only because I wasn't there, of course. Stupid dial-up. Shut up, it's not an excuse, it's a genuine reason. Anyway. We've also updated the website to some extent, and are working on the remainder now. It's a somewhat slow process, but since I'm one of the main people involved in it, that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Aside from that we've been mainly involved in sneaking upon Hobbie unawares and writing "I am the Walrus" on his forehead in permanent marker. The best so far was KypD, she got as far as the "h", it took him ages to get it off and you can still see it in the right lighting. Hah.

And lastly, a public service announcement. I just want to stress that if there's anything you want to see in the CCC or the Star Wars genre at OTF in general, let us know. If you have ideas for events or other changes and gimmicks you'd like to see implemented, tell us. We are, after all, here for the members of the Star Wars genre, that's the whole point. No, it's not the free champagne, honestly. I don't like champagne anyway, yuck.

Clear skies!

Bria Terrik
Senator of Corellia

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The Wizard Brief

Article by Bryce

The Wizards are initiating the planning of the Harry Potter events that are to coincide with the release of both the new book and movie in July. As of now, we are working with the respective departments to arrange trivia events and book discussions. Over time, we hope to organize other unique activities; but nothing is definitive right now, as we are still in the preliminary stages of planning.

As always, feel free to contact the fantasy sector with any comments, ideas, or complaints.

Grey Wizard
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Star Trek Patron of the Month Interview

Article by Polson

Presenting, the lovely, the entertaining, the high on life and who knows what else, CL6 Mezoti!

1. Who did you bribe/kill/imprison for unhealthy amounts of time to earn/deserve this award?
Kayana of course! Dmitri? Pfft. He's such a pushover. Kayana is the one you have to bribe.

2.What are the cool departmental things you do around OTF that nobody knows about?
..people get to do cool deparmental things without telling anyone? All I got to do is plan my Firefly weekend and ISA stuff. Oh, I guess I am Iain's alarm clock. Does that count?

3.What has been your favorite project to work on?
Of all time? Trivia, baby! Trivia was the first team I joined. So she'll always be in my heart.

4.Mezoti finally has her own avatar! How many years did it take and how happy are you??
It took me 4 and a half years! I was so giddy in the beginning, then I could never bring myself to use it! I hardly ever do, now.

5. Can you explain why you moonlight as a pot leaf for our readers?
Because my FFA adviser told me someone had to. I got volunteered by my "friends". Hence the infamous picture that Polson loves.

6. If you could make a chat room into any theme your little heart desired, what theme would you pick and what avatar would you use?
The 4400! It's underappreciated, I think. I'd probably use April as my avatar. She's a rebel and all. :)

7.Brandi, you rock. Comments?
You rock, Polson. :D That is to say thank you everyone, for everything! (There, that's a broad response, yes?)

Thanks Brandi! You'll always be my favorite pot leaf.

Department of Something or Other

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SW Patron of the Month Interview

Article by Amanda Chryso

Assistant Team Leader of EngineeringÂ’s Research And Development and member of EntertainmentÂ’s Trivia Team CL6 Goose secured the SW Patron of the Month. I actually got the ladiesÂ’ man of OTF to sit down and answer some burning questionsÂ… okay, just some questions.

1. I noticed that your OTF website has a huge number of awardsÂ… how does it feel to add SW Patron of the Month to it?
It feels really good, a small graphic award does wonders, and its not so much the award that counts, it's the 'thank you ' affect that comes with it.

2. Any advice for the junior officers out there that want to be just like you?
Why on Earth would you want to be like me? Run away now, before it's too late! Though to be honest, just do the best you can while you are around, and never forget to enjoy yourself.

3. You work under one of SWÂ’s famous senatorsÂ… Majin. How is that? You can tell the truth. Just between you and meÂ… this isnÂ’t being recorded.
He's the best one there.. *taps microphone* ..And he bribes really well! (a) Been great working with him, even though we are miles apart, who knows what may happen in the future?

4. What do you really research and develop in Engineering?
Research on how to take over OTF, and then the world! Mwuahaha! *coughs* The concept is to basically research new and old idea's and try to implement them into today's activites, be on the lookout for new and wonderful things at ENG. ;)

5. ItÂ’s the 30-year celebration of SWÂ… why do you think itÂ’s stayed around this long?
It's Star Wars, it relates to a wide range audience and has captivated many people worldwide, there aren't many things that can do that unfortunately.

6. What has kept you true to SW all these years?
Probably its deep rich storyline, I'm a sucker for things like that.

7. Favorite SW quote or scene of yours?
From the new trilogy, the end fight scene on the volcano planet by Obi Wan and Anakin/ Vader, truly remarkable. And from the Original trilogy, there are many, mostly funny scenes.. I'm sure we all had a laugh when Luke found out he kissed his sister. :P

Thank you to Goose for answering so quickly and with some entertainment in his answers. Notice I didn't pick on him the whole interview and I was nice... don't expect that every month, Blue Report readers!

Amanda Sielu Paris (CL7)
Star Wars DSC

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FY Patron of the Month Interview

Article by Bryce

The member who formerly earned the Fantasy Patron of the Month award was Aleka (CL5).

1. How does it feel to have earned your first Fantasy Patron of the Month award?
I'm extremely honored; seriously, wow is all I can say.

2. How do you think you earned the award?
I honestly have no idea; I do what I can for the chat rooms, but I lead a full real life. It really surprised me that I won.

3. How long have you been a member of the fantasy sector?
IÂ’ve been a member since I joined Outpost 10F back in March of 2005.

4. What is your favorite fantasy series?
I don't watch much fantasy television, or television in general, but my favorite fantasy book series is the Kushiel novels by Jacqueline Carey. They're risqué, but very good.

5. Do you believe that fantasy is the best genre at Outpost 10F? Why?
I joined fantasy, so of course I think it's the best. I think fantasy gets a bad reputation because itÂ’s a male dominated genre. Most fantasy characters are male, and Minas Tirith, being a Lord of the Rings themed chat room, only had a few female icons. The avatar competition was a great idea, because now there are lots of female icons so we girls don't have to worry about wearing the same outfit.

6. Do you have any future Outpost 10F endeavors that you would like to disclose?
You mean my plans for world domination? No, I don't know; I really would like to be a Wizard one day, but right now I'm very happy where I am.

I would like to thank Aleka for allowing me to conduct this interview.

Grey Wizard
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To CL6:

  • Krillen (FY) What to say about this promotion. Aside from being long overdue, the sheer volume of recommendations and the people who recommended him speak for why he deserved this promotion. So congratulations...and watch out for HTML blindness when Krillen is in the room now!
  • To CL5:

  • JHawk (SW) Numerous hours working tirelessly on data entry and other projects so much that good things are coming out from Entertainment about him. With his fingers and ideas spreading out in OTF, youÂ’ll be hearing a lot more from JHawk then just a promotion he certainly deserved!
  • To CL4:

  • saavik (ST)
  • Sy Deville (SW)
  • To CL3:

  • AnneCakester (ST)

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    Article by Aeon


    In other words....

    Hello! =D

    It's this time of the month where everybody's writing articles for the Blue Report, and I was pretty much offended that I never get asked to write articles bored. So I thought: "Hey, I could take over the OZD Blue Report Rank-o-matic and do it all myself! Said... done!

    It wasn't really difficult at all. I told Kayana that Gwen Stefani wants to meet her in Paris (which was reason enough for her to book a one-way ticket), and I sent Polson to band Stargate camp where she's reigning over 10,000 Teal'Cs and Richard Dean Andersons and Goa'ulds with glasses now.

    But we're getting off the track here. Rank-o-matic time! *dances*

    Last months' victim contestant was Lzrman, who gets the awesome rank Lady Bug now. *applauds* And since this is my own article, guess who's the winner? Yes! Moi! *megalomaniac laughter*

    So, here's the lovely award image. I'd like to thank myself for making it.

    And since this is still my own article, I declare, that I'm this month's contestant victim.

    So, spread the word, and submit dem ranks. I expect you all to come up with a LOT of funny ranks, and if you dare not to I'll send Iain after you if he's not too busy with things like LOLcats.

    Need the link again? There you go: Submit a rank!

    Be happy!

    Rank-o-matic's own personal Temptress of Terror and once-in-a-lifetime dictator

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    Cartoon: Cinna - Queen of the Sith Lords

    Article by Polson

    [Enlarge comic in a new window.]

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    The REAL story behind Star Wars... part XIII


    The sooperdooperlanderspeeder stops before what remains of the huge Jawas Sandcrawler. Osiris and Ma-jin walk among the smoldering rubble, plastic beach toys and scattered bodies.

    It looks like Sandcastle people did this, all right. Look, here are Goofy sticks, Banthaphant tracks. It's just...I never heard of them hitting anything this big before, mostly because they're such appalling shots.

    Osiris is crouching in the sand studying the tracks and rifling through the pockets of dead Jawas.

    They didn't. But we are meant to think they did. These tracks are side by side. Sandcastle people always ride single file, like a chorus line, to hide their numbers.

    These are the same Jawas that sold us Ajay and Deepio.

    And these blast points, too accurate for Sandcastle people. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise- though, they still missed obvious targets, such as the side of that barn.

    Why would Imperial troops want to slaughter Jawas? I mean, they don't needs droids, and you can get these beachs towels in Mos Eisely.

    Osiris looks back at the speeder where Ajay and Deepio are prodding dead Jawas with sticks, and puts two and two together- which, in his head, equal seven and a half.

    If they traced the robots here (smoulder), they may have learned who they sold them to. And that would lead them home!

    Osiris reaches a sudden horrible realization, then races for the speeder and jumps into it, crushing his packed lunch.

    Wait, Osiris! It's too dangerous. Oh for... you stood on my floury bap!

    Osiris races off leaving Ma-jin and the two robots alone with the burning Sandcrawler. They aren't happy, in a desert, without baps and water. Cheers Osiris.


    Osiris races across the wasteland in his battered Landspeeder. End exciting interlude.


    The speeder roars up to the burning homestead. Osiris jumps out and runs to the smoking holes that were once his home, really, how can he tell the difference. Debris is scattered everywhere and it looks as if a great battle has taken place... if by great battle we're talking about old moisture farmers against a crack squad of plastic-clad clown-descendents.

    Uncle Octavius! Aunt Billy Bob! Uncle Octavius!

    Osiris stumbles around in a daze looking for his aunt and uncle. Suddenly he comes upon their smoldering remains. He is stunned, and cannot speak. Hate replaces fear and a new resolve comes over him. They murdered his milk!

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