During its long and illustrious history, the Communications department has seen a great number of greater members move on. We would like to thank those officers for their service to the department.

The following officers have, in some way, contributed a great deal to the department and to Outpost 10F.

CL7 SuzyQ:
Suzy served as Senior Manager of the department for a very long time, and left a lasting imprint. Ask any "old timer" about Comms, and they will think of Suzy! She led the department when activity was at its peak and numbers were high. Suzy makes it onto the list to honour her efforts and achievements in leading Communications over such a long time period.

CL7 Sidne:
Sidne, along with her "twin", Amanda, was one of the biggest names in the department. She led the Tribune team and provided the Outpost with an informative and topical magazine. Her name is forever linked with the Communications department, and in honour of the footprints she has left around the place, Sidne makes it onto the list!

CL7 Amanda:
The second half of the dynamic duo, Amanda worked tirelessly for years to keep on pumping out active and new projects for the department. Never far away from Sidne, they often worked in tandem around the department keeping the department running smoothly from their management positions. Amanda, like Sidne and SuzyQ, have their names forever linked with the department!

CL6 Lzrman:
OTF's Resident Bug is best known for his work on the Yearbook over the course of many years. He led the Yearbook team and continuously produced fresh and new Yearbooks year after year, each offering laughs and memories from the past year. For the hard work he put in for the Yearbook, Lzrman joins the list of Memorable Officers!

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