Celebrate! Discovery is Here!

Article by Dookie

Welcome folks.  This is an exciting time to follow social media at Outpost 10F.  We have a fully staffed team in Social Media Division!

Last month I presented the new team, and now I have new presentations to make!

Joining the Facebook team is the very hard-working Tanya Robertson (Ayanna) and Sarah Draper (Arwen).  Tanya was already posting regularly on the OTF Facebook group page, and she’s a natural fit with us on the team.

These past few weeks saw the return of Star Trek to our television screens.  I don’t think a lot of people read this column, because nobody had any idea that Netflix paid for the entire production budget of Star Trek Discovery.  In exchange Netflix can show Discovery on all their platforms worldwide, meanwhile in the USA, CBS got the show for free and is forcing Americans to subscribe to their new CBS All Access service.  This made a lot of people understandably mad. 


30 years ago, Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered, personally my favorite Star Trek of all the franchise.  I still re-watch it to this day! 


This news made the rounds a lot in the past few weeks on social media.  This was a rumor earlier this summer, but is now confirmed officially.  Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie are officially engaged to be married! 


We are rapidly approaching Star Wars 8!!!  I hope you guys are excited! Stay tuned to social media for more news from the team! 

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