Happy 20th OTF!

Article by Dookie

This month, OTF will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary!!  20 years of chat, 20 years of fun, 20 years of making friends and geeking out about stuff we love! 

Last month, we were a bunch of peeps in OTF remembering the good old days of the beginnings of OTF.  The Golden Age of the Internet and Dial-up modems!!   This meme that I created got a lot of interactions on Facebook  :

Thanks OTF and the community for having a place in my life!  I feel grateful!


Now on to this month’s news!

Huge news for Doctor Who!  The 13th Doctor has finally been revealed!  BBC Names Jodie Whittaker the Next Doctor Who, the First Woman in the role of the Doctor!  This is groundbreaking news!!  Of course the community responded negatively.  But don’t stop yourself at that the fans have always complained at every new Doctor nomination.  I’m very excited to see this develop.  We’ll see the new Doctor during this year’s Christmas Special.

Straight out of San Diego Comic Con, there was a teaser trailer for a new Stargate series!  Stargate Origins!  I think this is the biggest news to come out of SDCC!  Fans of the series have been waiting for this forever.  To see Stargate return to our TV screens is monumental news! 


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