Article by Adge

Hello, all, and welcome to the Valentine's Day edition of the Blue Report!

This issue will be primarily light-hearted in nature, focused on Valentine's Day, and the auction we held leading up to the big day itself. In this issue, T'Pel has kindly written up the results of the auction itself and provides a Vulcan outlook on the whole event; DeBoe has searched for the best sci-fi/fantasy Valentine's Day funnies for you to enjoy; Cameron provides a few more chat saves from his disturbingly extensive collect; and Shannon has recorded, for posterity, the result of a blind-date that Cameron went on!

This month also see's the return of SF_Warp and his puzzles and brain teasers, starting with a crossword for you to mull over!

The awards and promotions from January are included, and we congratulate them all and thank them for their efforts not only in January, but month after month!

I hope you enjoy the read for this month. We'll be back to business as usual for March, but for now, in the spirit of that most romantic of days, I love you.

My best,
AJ (CL9)

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End of Month Promotions

Article by Adge

Junior Promotions:

Congratulations to the following junior officers who have been promoted for the month of January 2013!

  • CL4 T'Pel
  • CL3 T'Luminareth
  • CL3 MandaKitty

Senior Promotions:

To CL7:

  • Tanya
  • Navi

Tanya has devoted a lot of time and effort to helping us raise excitement for OTF and has done a very solid job rebuilding the Engineering department and making things happen there.

Navi has been very involved everywhere lately. In addition to reactivating the ISA, helping rebuild Communications and organizing events, she has lent her energy, creativity and hard work to a number of projects in every department.

Congratulations and thanks to all of you for your contributions to Outpost 10F! If you have questions, comments, complaints and/or compliments about this month's promotions, you may send a polite inquiry to the Executives at the email address below:

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End of Month Awards

Article by Adge

The follow awards were issue for the month of January:

  • Senior Officer of the Month: CL5 Chris
    Chris has put forth a huge effort with training the trivia team and assisting with getting the team on their feet at on a quick pace, and was invaluable for idea generation while they rolled out the new team.

  • Junior Officer of the Month: CL4 Cameron
    Cameron has demonstrated an extreme willingness to work as part of a greater team, and is consistently putting in extra effort to supply material in support of Trivia events. He has also made an a very impressive start to his Communications career. He's taken up the responsibility for organizing and storing all chatsaves that are used in the Blue Report and, later, the Yearbook. Hardworking, enthusiastic, polite and extremely respectful. Good work, Cameron!

  • Unsung Hero: CL5 Trinity
    Trinity's enthusiasm and initiative have been key in moving the Engineering projects along. She has also been invaluable to Trivia generating ideas and questions, and helping run events, especially on short notice.

Congratulations to all of the award winners for January, and thank-you for your efforts and dedication in helping make the Outpost a much more interesting and fun place to visit!

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Valentine's Day Auction A.A.R.

Article by T'Pel Kestra

The month of February has given flight to a few new things, one of which being our Valentines Auction where OTF’s members got the chance to auction themselves off for bids from admirers. There were quite a few interesting bids, but alas, only one could win.

It may surprise most to know that the Vulcans are not as inept in the topic of “Love” (Or Dena-val) as most would have you believe. In fact, ashau, ashaya, and Dena-val are just a few of the words Vulcans will use to describe such an emotional attachment.

So, having said this, I decided to take on the task of bringing you this very agreeable display of friendship and positive affection that many here at OTF share for one another. It has been both refreshing and enlightening, not to mention a bit entertaining. Below, I give you all a listing of the 'prizes' and the winners of their dates. I highly encourage you to wander over to the forumw and take a look at all the bids and see for yourself that Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love, but more a celebration of love in its many forms. Though you may not have a significant other to swap mushy sentiments with, you do have friends that will joke, jab playfully, and be there for you should you need because they care.

So here are the many people who were willing to put themselves up for auction, hoping that they would encourage bidding on their behalf. Aside from some bribing and wink-wink nudge-nudging, all in all it was good fun.

Continue to take care of yourselves and one another, T'Hai'Lu. Live Long and Prosper.

The order goes as follows:


Kiko / Ray
HAL / CT and Ohm
Phill / Kiko
Naberrie / Synii
Synii / Naberrie
(Meant to be perhaps? Shan'hal'lak, perhaps? ;) )
Candice / Naberrie
Ohm / Kiko
(I sense a disturbance in the Force coming...)
Robert W. / Tanya
Tanya / Darth_Dad
Shannon / Mela
(Now....let us see here...Greedy much? :) )
Darth_Dad / Candice
Mela / Shannon
Doug / Tanya
Cameron / Navi
Thor / Ray
Chris / Deus
Navi / Chris
Deus / T'Pel
T'Pel / Korny
(Both of those I am happy with, because yes...I am greedy. :D )
Donatien / Darth_Dad
Kalem / Deus
Hobbie / Navi

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Crossword Puzzle

Article by R. K. Wigal

Here is the crossword puzzle for this month's Blue Report. Clicking the image will enlarge the image in a new tab, allowing for download.
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Cameron's Valentine's Day Blind Date!

Article by Shannon

This month, Shannon turns her attention to a blind date that Cameron went on for Valentine's Day....

(Click to Enlarge)

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Article by Cameron

Cameron gets a little confused as to how torpedoes are launched....

(Click to enlarge)

The Death Ray arrives...

Richard reveals what life is like at the Outpost!

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Valentine's Day Meme time!

Article by DeBoe

Both of these Spocks wish to be familiarly acquainted with you this Valentine's Day:

Data has a special subroutine in his heart for you:

The Captains would like to land on your planet:

Number Two wants you to be his Number One:

This is the valentine you are looking for:

Let this little fellow Ewok right into your heart:

He has altered his love; pray he doesn't alter it any further:

Lando is on cloud nine thinking about you:

You've put a spell on Gandalf:

Frodo will cross Middle Earth for you:

Boromir would like to join your fellowship :

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