Good thru 2011….

Article by Richard Smith

Contrary to popular belief, the Outpost is alive and kicking! As a matter of fact during his “Night with the CiC”, Admiral HAL gave the Outpost some great news. Our Commander in Chief let us know that the $750.00(US) yearly bill to keep the Outpost up and running has been paid and we are now square until this time next year.

Many of you may not know that members, just like yourself donate money or buy a member account to keep the Outpost fiscally solvent. Hosting the site on the server costs money just like any other and add to that the cost Iain has to have the funds to repair and upgrade when things go kaput and hosting this site becomes an expensive proposition.

If Outpost10F means something to you I urge you to help in this fundraising effort. Admiral HAL kicked off the 2011 Fundraising Campaign the other night and there are several ways that you can become a part. One way is to purchase a member account, which will enable you to host your very own webpage on the OTF server for a modest fee. To find out more about the Member Account option Click here. If a member account isn’t for you, then maybe you will consider a onetime donation to the Outpost. Every bit helps and yours could be the donation that puts things over the top. To further explore this option please Click here and then go to the donate button on the right side of the page.

Outpost10F is truly a community, and with your help and support OUR community will be strong for a long time to come. Thank you in Advance.

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To CL4:

  • T'ashaya (ST)
  • To CL3:

  • Jinx (SW)
  • Tasmin K (SW)

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    Did you know....

    Article by Richard Smith

    that the Blue Report can now be accessed in the News dropdown on the Outpost's front page.

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    Getting to Know You:

    Article by RuseMD

    In an endeavor to know our fellow members here at OTF, we have decided to start interviewing that standout new member of the Outpost. In this issue of the Blue Report new contributor Brandon interviews Lazy Noob.

    Brandon: Tell us a little about yourself?

    Lazy Noob: Well. I’m really just your average person no different than anyone else, I’m currently a free agent in the MLG Halo3 pro circuit, other than I’m really kind of boring.

    BR: How did you find Outpost10f?

    LN: I found the Outpost through a friend of mine back in Junior High, she told me I she frequents the site, and that I should check it out

    BR: What do you like most about the Outpost?

    LN: The thing I like most about the outpost is without a doubt the people, it’s a true melting pot on a global scale, and everyone comes from a lot of different backgrounds and adds their own personal flavor and excitement to the chat which can lead to stimulating and interesting chat discussions

    BR: Does your online name have any special meaning?

    LN: It depends really, my normal LazyNoob handle had a bit of a meaning behind it. It was a really good friend of mine's World of warcraft name that had randomly disappeared, if however you mean what I’ve been using lately: Chewy or Chewy Is Clutch; it’s the name I go by for when I compete in at MLG events.

    BR: If you could choose to do anything in the outpost what would you do?

    LN: Hmm, if I could choose to do anything in the Outpost?, I don't that's a hard one, I’d like to bring back the gaming guild, it was great when it was active and I’ve noticed lately there's been a little talk about the possibility of it making a return.

    BR: Why did you choose your affiliation?

    LN: Honestly I enjoy the Star Trek, even though I more than willingly admit that I don't have much of a clue about its universe, or any of the other options to choose from, so going with Star Trek just seemed natural.

    BR: Are you looking at any teams to join?

    LN: At the moment, I'm part of the Library and Music team's, but I'm always looking to lend my services to other areas of the outpost, primarily to ensure that the Outpost stays a nice friendly and fully functioning place to chat.

    BR: What do you think of Vic?

    LN: Vic without a doubt makes me laugh with some of the things that he's been programmed to say. The whole "Attention all, I’m going to take over the world with Vegan cupcakes" is a classic, although I highly doubt that idea will work I just can't see Vegan Cupcakes being remotely tasty.

    BR: What do you think could be done to make the Outpost even better?

    LN: Oh wow, that's a bit of a loaded question, I know there’s been talks about what we can do to make the Outpost even better, and the suggestions that were brought up comes from the patron's of the Outpost via suggestion box, but I don't know really, I’d like to see a more 1st time user friendly interface, not that it isn't already good, but some people when they first come to Outpost still have trouble with it when they log on for the time

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    Checking out the Library

    Article by Richard Smith

    As you may or may not be aware, Outpost10f operates a Library team with the sole purpose of providing our members with reviews on books from every genre imaginable. Yes books. You know those paperbound things that they made us read in school. In this issue of the Blue Report I sit down with Library TL RuseMD (AKA Brandon) to talk about books in the virtual world and the work the Library team is doing.

    BR: Hey Brandon thanks for sitting down with me.

    Brandon: Thank you. It’s a pleasure to share some of the exciting new features the Library team offers.

    BR: So tell me about your team, the OTF Library. I assume that books are involved, but not available for check out?

    Brandon: Well, you can’t check out books in the traditional sense but we do offer selected ebooks free of charge through our brand new portal which is steadily gaining momentum. In addition to this e-book repository, we are collecting news, writing author biographies, and scheduling live events for those in the outpost who enjoy.

    BR: So how does the Library choose the books that are reviewed?

    Brandon: We review books based on the consensus from the team and input received from our readers. We bounce back and forth between genres as well to keep fresh reviews coming in.

    BR: Do the books all have to do with Sci Fi and Fantasy, or are other genres looked at as well?

    Brandon: There are other types of genres in addition to the Fantasy and Sci Fi. We have reviews all the way from Sci Fi Star Trek to Comic Books by Marvel. There are many different topics you can choose from and some of our most favorite books/authors come from genres outside of the two you mentioned.

    BR: Where does one find the book reviews?

    Brandon: You may check out and click on one of the corresponding genres of your choice to see the uploaded book reviews.

    BR: Anything new on the horizon for your team?

    Brandon: We have many different offerings being developed including the recent establishment of a new Library subforum on the forums portion of the Outpost. We also are in the process of putting together bi-weekly author biographies which the first most recent being an Author Spotlight. Check it out, it’s being featured every other week on the Updates board! We are in the process of building the Outpost Book Club which will feature diverse events related to books its members choose. Live Events in the chat and discussion board posts will encourage community building among the Club members. Look out, the Library has lots of exciting new things in store for the Outpost!

    BR: What kind of qualifications does one need to join your team?

    Brandon: We generally ask that you have an interest in books and the literary world on a whole. We also ask that you have some experience in the Outpost, are at least a CL3, and are interested in giving back to the community. There are specific other requirements but most are geared towards submission guidelines such as at least one review a month for a freelance reviewer.

    BR: How does one join your team?

    Brandon: You can submit an application via the Outpost Guilds application site at . After you submit an application, we thoroughly read and review it. Then, we will contact you with our decision and to set up an interview shortly after your submission.

    BR: Where does one find out more about the Library?

    Brandon: We offer a few different ways to find out about us. You can check out our weekly posts on the updates board, check out our website , or check out the subforum on .

    BR: Anything else you want to add?

    Brandon: I just would like to say thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and learn more about our team. We have some very exciting things coming up in the future. Also, I wanted to send out a thank you to my team. I’m very excited about the work our team is doing and very proud of their contributions and accomplishments.

    Thanks for sitting down with the Blue Report. We wish the Library continued success.

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    Outpost10F Classifieds

    Article by RuseMD

    Current Openings:

    Trivia Team
    Members - Trivia Team is looking for members in all of its divisions: Capella (Star Wars),Gemini(Fantasy), and Phoenix (Star Trek)
    No experience neccessary, but duties do include weekly questions submissions and being able to host or assist in trivia events is definate plus. Intrested parties should contact Team Leader Majin Kaze

    Assistant Team Leader - Simming is in need of an ATL to assist Team Leader Kaela. Anyone with current Simm experience is encouraged to apply Duties to include helping to rebuild the Simm Team. If you want in on the ground floor, this is the place for you. Those interested should contact Team Leader Kaela L. Donos

    Members - Simming is in need of experienced simmers to bolster it's ranks. if you have any simming experience and would like to get in on the ground floor of a team in transition contact Team Leader Kaela L. Donos. Duties would include hosting or assisting with the monthly simm sessions and other duties as determined by the leadership.

    Library Team
    Freelance Reviewers - The Library Team is looking for freelance reviewers to review popular novels, comics, and authors. If interested contact Team Leader RuseMD .

    Team Members - The Library Team is also looking for team members to help in a variety of ways such as establishing new projects and compiling e-books, choosing authors for author spotlight posts, and writing small posts for the forum. If interested contact Team Leader RuseMD .

    Blue Report

    Free Lance Writers - The Blue Report is in need of people to accept as needed assignments. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

    Entertainment Department

    "Hello you lovely people! A quick message from your favourite cricket-loving, tea-drink, alcohol-dependent OTFer

    As you are now doubtless aware, we have brought back the ENT department after an increase in activity in and around OTF! The trouble is, aside from Trivia, ENT is practically EMPTY! :( So what we need are new people to come in, get their ideas thrown about, and get leading new teams and projects in one of OTF's most successful and popular departments!

    We need people from all levels and of all specialties, so if you have any skill at all, then you're already perfect! And if you don't you're already perfect, because we're just that lovable here! So if you want to get involved, have a laugh, have me as a boss... wait, ignore that... and give something back, get in touch with me today! All applicants WILL be considered! And remember: we also need Leaders. :)

    Cheers! CL7 AJ Entertainment SM

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    Just for Laughs

    Article by Richard Smith

    Blue Report Funnies

    Blue Report Funnies
    Blue Report Funnies

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