Big Changes

Article by Richard Smith

As you will read the Blue Report this month, you will see a few changes have been made to its content. In the coming months more about your Blue Report will change. Along with the Admiralty, we on the team are attempting to make this publication more member friendly. We are going to be reinventing ourselves so that you can get more out of your publication. At this point we are looking at making it quarterly and emailing it right to you. These changes will serve to create a quality newsletter that will make it an invaluable asset to our community. Until we unveil this new and improved Blue Report we will endeavor to bring you a newsletter you can use to your benefit in the interim. Stay tuned….big changes are coming.
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Let's get together!

Article by Richard Smith

This month we sit down the Demon Slayer, an OTFer since the beginning. DS has been planning unions for quite sometime now and if the person to ask if you want any concerning a union. To that end DS was also presented with the OTF Unsung Hero Medal for his work with Unions.

BR: So for those who may now know can you tell us what an OTF Union is?

DS: Unions (also known as gatherings) are organised get-together’s of people who like to meet up in person. It’s nice to see and interact with people you may have seen online for months/years, and get to see new areas of the world at the same time. Also, some people would like to meet other people but don’t like being alone, so a group is the best thing.

BR: Speaking as a person who has planned a Union, how do you feel after it is completed?

DS: Happy & relieved ……. that it’s finally over, and that everyone had a great time. Sad….. that the time went so fast.

BR: What does a union attendee get out of the experience?

DS: Actually meeting other people they know from online, and get to know/see the sights of a new area of the world.

BR: Where did the Union idea evolve?

DS: That you would have to ask Andrew Maxwell (Rascal to me and early day’s attendees) as he organised the first official union (Las Vegas), but the unofficial unions was most likely a group of OTF’ers who wanted to meet up (See new area of the world was a bonus).

BR: How many people make up the Unions Team?

DS: Unions are part of Communications Team (been told it doesn’t exist, so I’ve been running a ghost ship ), but the Union website is just a one person job. Running a union can be one or more people.

BR: How would one go about joining unions?

DS: I would contact head of communications (Grotesque –, but as it’s a one person job, you would most likely be put on a list, or asked to work on another project if accepted into the team.

BR: How many people make a union? I assume it has to be more than 2.

DS: There is no actual ruling, but in my book I would say Mini Union 3-5 Union 6+ Also an unofficial union can have anyone attending. Official Union has an Admiral attending. Official Unions are normally once every two years. I think I’ll drop the unofficial/official title from unions as they are all run the same and end up the same, so might as well, just call them UNIONS.

BR: How does one go about planning such a get together?

I have put together a Dummies Guide to "ORGANISING OUTPOST 10F UNIONS" **Note – This has to be updated, but hopefully done by time of upload of this interview** on the union site, and can be found at OTF Unions Guide. Can you tell us why we don’t see very many unions these days?

BR: I find that people don’t run Unions much these days as?

DS: Several Reasons actually, among them… 1. They don’t have confidence in themselves running a union 2. They don’t want to go through the hassle of organising and running 3. Even though OTF’ers attend a union/gatherings, the organisers don’t class it as a OTF union. 4. The organisers don’t want to record or pass on info of the unions

BR: How many unions have you personally attended?

DS: I think to date; I have been to 31 unions. My 32nd will be the 10th anniversary.

BR: What is your most memorable union? What happened?

DS: I have two Unions that are memorable 1. Las Vegas June 1999 – This was the first official union, and my first holiday outside UK. I’m a shy guy and it was nice to finally see in person a lot of my Internet friends. Due to talking to most for almost two years, it felt like we was still in the outpost, but had an actual living person in front of you instead of a line of text. 2. London Union ???? It was the largest unofficial union I had run, with almost 30+ people (OTF + Partners and friends) being shown around London.

BR: Where can people get more information?

DS: Union info, past and future, and other union stuff can be found Also keep an eye on forums.

BR: Anything special you want to add for the masses?

DS: Don’t be afraid to organise a Union. And look at the Dummies Guide It’s also the best way to make stronger bond with your online friends.

BR: Please feel free to add in anything you think should get passed along to OTFers.

DS: Due to the lack of unions, I am resigning from unions, but not OTF. I will still attend unions I can afford to attend. So the position is open.
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OTF Classifieds

Article by Richard Smith

This will be a new section to the Blue Report. If you are searching for a position on one of the various teams, this will be the place to find the openings. Team Leaders will post openings on their teams monthly.

Current Openings:

Trivia Team
Members - Trivia Team is looking for members in all of its divisions: Capella (Star Wars),Gemini(Fantasy), and Phoenix (Star Trek)
No experience neccessary, but duties do include weekly questions submissions and being able to host or assist in trivia events is a definate plus. Intrested parties should contact Team Leader Majin Kaze

Assistant Team Leader - Simming is in need of an ATL to assist Team Leader Kaela. Anyone with current Simm experience is encouraged to apply Duties to include helping to rebuild the Simm Team. If you want in on the ground floor, this is the place for you. Those interested should contact Team Leader Kaela L. Donos

Members - Simming is in need of experienced simmers to bolster it's ranks. if you have any simming experience and would like to get in on the ground floor of a team in transition contact Team Leader Kaela L. Donos. Duties would include hosting or assisting with the monthly simm sessions and other duties as determined by the leadership.

Blue Report
Classified Coordinator - Yup I am looking for someone to run this section of the BR. Duties will include contacting Team Leaders to see if they have openings, and also putting them in the Blue Report. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

Free Lance Writers - The Blue Report is in need of people to accept as needed assignments. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

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Act 25

Article by Queen of the Universe


Iain Vader and a random commander approach the troops as an Officer and several heavily armed troops exit the spacecraft.


(over intercom)

Unlock one-five-seven and nine. Release charges. Feed all animals in the Zoo. Coming up, ten of the best ways to keep your armour whiter than white. Now for some rockin' tunes-


(to Vader)

There's no one on board, sir, or underneath. According to the log, 'teh crewz abanddoned ship write after take-off', that's exactly how they put it down. Ugh, call the grammar police. Anyway it must be a decoy, sir. Several of the escape pods have been jettisoned, though several implies it's a really big ship, when it's kinda tiny...


Did you find any droids... or um... gold foil wrapped spheres?


No, sir. If there were any on board, they must also have jettisoned. I mean droids, not *whispers* chocolates.


*grump* Send a scanning crew on board, and a sniffer dog. I want every part of this ship checked and that includes the toilets.


Yes, sir. I'll get people on that... really the toilets? Never mind, forget I said that.


I sense something...a presence I haven't felt since I was much younger and less plasticky...

Iain Vader turns quickly and exits the hangar with an overly dramatic swoosh of his cape.


Get me a scanning crew in here on the double, no, not the usual ones, get me the ones they use on Space Trek, the ones that work. I want every part of this ship checked! Including the toilets! Okay, who groaned? Don't make me come over there!


A Trooper runs through the hallway heading for the exit, ignoring the 'don't run in the halls' sign. In a few moments all is quiet, honestly, you'd think they'd leave guards or something. The muffled sounds of a distant officer giving orders and swearing finally fade. Two floor panels suddenly pop up revealing Hobbie Solo and Osiris. Ma-jin Kenobi sticks his head out of a third locker, he's eating a banana.


Boy, it's lucky you had these compartments, but woah, they smell like something, something I haven't smelled since...


I use them for smuggling wine and cheese and the odd shipment of exotic fruit. I never thought I'd be smuggling myself in them or I would have installed cable. This is ridiculous. Even if I could take off, I'd never get past the tractor beam without a push. Hey, old man, are you eating something?


Leave that tractor beam to me! I can do zat! I mean that, sorry, bananas make my tongue work with an accent. Not that I was eating a banana *waves fingers* I was not eating a banana.


Damn fool. I knew that you were going to say that! What about bananas?


*clears throat* Who's the more foolish...the fool, or the fool who follows the fool who follows him following a fool?

Hobbie stares at Ma-jin for several seconds and then shakes his head, muttering to himself. KypDbacca agrees, neither of them understands a word Ma-jin says.


The crewmen carry a heavy box on board the ship, forgetting that they have hover sleds and droids. They struggle past the two stormtroopers guarding either side of the ramp with their backs to possible trouble within. Clones, who'd employ them? *sheesh*


Little dude, like, the ship's all yours. If the scanners pick up like, aaaanything, you peeps report it immediately, y'hear? All right bro, let's go get some nachos.

The crewmen enter the pirateship and a loud crashing sound is followed by a voice calling to the guard below. Told you they should have used the sleds.


Hey down there, could you give us a hand with this, I dropped it on my foot!

The stormtroopers enter the ship and a quick round of gunfire is heard- though not by anyone who might call for more troopers. Honestly, security around here is so lax, I wouldn't be surprised if the entire Vespa had some kind of fatal design flaw that would allow a small ship to womp rat its butt into oblivion.

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Just for Laughs

Article by Richard Smith

Blue Report Funnies

Blue Report Funnies

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