Outpost 10F Unions

12-6 months before possible Union.
  • Select location of possible Union.
  • Select date(s) for possible Union.
  • List attractions with prices (the more free entries the better). Also list any group discounts.
  • If you see any coupons or leaflets with money off / 2 for 1 deals, pick as many up as possible (always check the terms and conditions, and closing dates of offers).
  • List accommodation with prices, and internet site links if any.
  • Note down traveling costs and any special deals (Travelcards)
  • Advertise in Outpost 10F Forum and the Outpost 10F updates. It would also be advisable to announce it in the in chat announcements (Ask CL7 + ).
3-6 months before date of Union
  • Confirm date(s) of Union, with as much notice as possible, to allow people flying in from other countries to book their flights with as much notice as possible.
  • Get the mobile numbers of all the people attending the union, or even better if money is no problem, buy (or source ready to buy) a couple of disposable phones for people to use. As you will find at times people will wander away from the group, get lost, accidentally left behind at previous attraction or are late turning up.
  • Update people with any new information, e.g. other people attending, change to events etc.
  • Produce an itinerary of what's going to be done on the day(s). This will most likely change on the day due to weather, and people changing their minds. But best to have itinerary. Otherwise you will have a large group of people standing around for about 30 minutes trying to decided what to do next.
The day of Union.
  • Organise to meet up at a specific time and place, and be prepared to wait around for some time due to planes might run late, or people getting lost.
  • If you can, have people attending who may know the area a bit, help out with showing around.
  • Most importantly. Have fun. This Union is for you as well as the attendee's.
After the Union.
  • Make an annoucement on the updates letting everyone know the union is over, and ask all users to send in their photos.
  • Before submitting the photos to the unions team, check that everyone is happy with the photo's of them.
  • Add your new friends on social websites, as you will find these virtual characters you met through Outpost 10F become more then just virtual people.
  • Learn from your experience.
Safety Notice

Although Outpost 10F strives to ensure a safe environment for its membership, it is recommended that its members follow some basic safety rules when planning to attend a union... this is especially the case if you are not yet an adult. (or growing up to be one)

1) Ensure your parents and/or family is aware of your plans to attend the union. Make sure they know what Outpost 10F is, where you are going, who you are seeing, etc.

2) If possible, bring a friend or family member along. Not only is it more fun to share the experience with someone else, but it's safer too.

3) If you are at all uncomfortable with the people you are planning to meet, it is recommended you not attend.

4) If you have a problem with someone you just met, take a second look at there personality, and get to know them better.

5) If you feel your in any physical danger or being harrased in any way, seek professional assistance or tell someone immediately.