Outpost 10F Unions

Questions & Answers
What is an Outpost 10F Union exactly?

An Outpost 10F union is a real life gathering where members of the Outpost 10F community meet up and have the chance to get to know each other in person. Outpost 10F presents both official and unofficial unions. Official unions are large unions which are sponsored and promoted by the community. Unofficial unions are smaller gatherings that any member can organize and make available to the community.

Where does one go in finding when and where a union is/was?

You would go to the past and future unions, by clicking "Past Unions" or "Future Unions" on the Top of this page.

Who do I direct my comments, concerns or questions?

You would contact the Union Team with any comments, concerns or questions.

How to I submit notification of an unofficial union I want to organize?

To submit a union its very easy and simple, just click contact and fill in the details of where it is, the approximate date of the event, any special instructions and/or comments that should be added.

How much advanced notice do you want for adding a union?

There is no set time, preferably 1 month or more. This will allow all users at least a minumin amount of time to try and organise themselfs, to see if they could attend the union.

My union already past, will you put it in the past unions?

Absolutely, just email the Unions Team with the Name of the union, the approximate date, and who attended.

I have some photo's that I would like to include for others to see that happened at a union, can I include them?

Yes, we would be happy to add them to the site.

Who do I contact about specific unions, to arrange to meet?

You would contact the appropriate person organizing the union. For information to planned events, accommodations and details.

Why was this unions page created?

It was created to better help you get in contact with those who care about you, to meet people you wouldn't normally meet, and most of all have fun.