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Article by Richard Smith

Well, first off thanks for coming to check out this month’s Blue Report. The Communications Crew has a few things we’d like you to know about this month. Among them is the an interview with the new Marketing Director. As always we have a lot of fun articles included like the caption contest and the chat saves. Make sure not to miss out on those. We all need a laugh now and again. With that said have a great rest of the month.
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Outpost 10F Marketing makes a return.

Article by Cameron

Hey Everyone!

The Marketing Team is once again active at OTF. I'd like to reintroduce us to you all, and explain what we do.

The Outpost10F Marketing Team consists of a small yet dedicated group of members who aim to enhance the Outpost10F community by bringing in new members and encouraging old members to return. The team currently consists of myself, CL4 Cameron (Team Leader) and CL6 Lzrman (Assistant Team Leader).

Our directives are:

•To actively promote Outpost10f in an ever expanding internet environment.
•To ensure consistent high rankings in search engines to bring traffic to the website.
•To convert that web traffic into members.
•Identifying the needs of our membership and assisting executives in better understanding of those needs.
•To remain in touch with the opinions and thoughts of members and to identify what they expect from the community.
•To enhance the overall design of the community and ensure that the membership itself is at the heart of decision making processes.
•To establish a strong and appealing online presence.
•Ultimately, to ensure the community continues to grow.

We strive to draw interest and members to Outpost10F, and increase our popularity as a thriving Sci-Fi and Fantasy Chatroom. The Marketing Team is going to put in the effort and time to achieve this goal.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to e-mail me.

CL4 Cameron
Marketing Team Leader"

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An Interview the Marketing Director: Cameron

Article by DeBoe

BR: First let me congratulate you on being given the responsibility of leading your first team and/or department! For all those unfamiliar, or for those who may have forgotten, what does Marketing do?

Cameron: Thanks a lot! Okay let me try and Explain what Marketing is/does. The Marketing Department is a team which is dedicated to improving the Outpost10f Community, It's main goal is too bring in New Members and help bring back some of the Outpost's Older members.

BR: You are on many teams. Blue Report, Yearbook, Trivia, Unions and now Marketing. Don't you think this is too much for one person? Have you considered leaving any of your teams?

Cameron: Well, I must admit I did consider this for quite a while before I e-mailed the Executive Council about Marketing. After about a week of considering the work I currently do, I decided that I could adjust my schedule so that I would have time to send in my Blue Report Chatsaves, Do my Yearbook work, Write my Questions for Trivia, Help Research for the 2014 Union and still have time to Work out the what the Marketing team will be doing. Hopefully I won't have to leave any of the Teams that I'm in as I enjoy being a part of all of them.

BR: How will you deal with the stigma of leading your own team/department at such a young age and without any previous leadership experience?

Cameron: I have had some experience with Leadership Roles in real life as I've been on two School Councils along with a few real life groups that I was apart of, and I have ran a Department previously on another Website but I haven't ran a Team on OTF before and it could prove to be a Challenge, but I look forward to facing it and I look forward to running Marketing.

BR: Will Marketing still be its own department, or will this be a new team under an existing department?

Cameron: Marketing is just a team at this point, but It could change in the Future it depends on what the Executives decide really.

BR: Who is on your team?

Cameron: Marketing currently consists of myself and my ATL Lzrman CL6.

BR:Are you looking for more members?

Cameron: We are currently looking for people who have experience with Social Media, Advertising or Recruiting. If your interested just send me and E-mail.

BR: What will be Marketing's new mission with you as their Manager/Team Leader?

Cameron: Marketing's Current Mission is simple, we aim to bring in New Members and try to Bring back some of OTFs Older Members.

BR: How do you plan to accomplish that mission?

Cameron: My team plan to accomplish this Mission through Social Media, Sci Fi based Forums, Sci Fi Groups, Word of mouth, Online Advertising, Online Games/Roleplay Groups and we will try to make it that when you Google 'Lord of the rings/Game of thrones Chatroom' that OTF will be the top Result.

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On Screen Movie Review: Man of Steel

Article by Richard Smith

So I just got done seeing Man of Steel and I have to start out by saying I am disappointed. After the great job Christopher Nolan and company did on the Batman Trilogy, I was really looking forward to this Superman reboot, but I was let down. Call me crazy, but I still measure Superman movies, as I assume many people do, against Christopher Reeves classic performance. Maybe that’s too high of a benchmark, but it’s the only one I know of. Based on that though, I wasn’t a big fan of the movie. My opinion is that it was driven by special effects and there wasn’t any character development.

I’ll start off with what I did like. The action was pretty much nonstop. It wasn’t your typical Superman tale either. Krypton spends more time on screen then it has in any of the previous flicks, which is interesting. The Krypton story was changed and isn’t the one we are used to, and that’s not a bad thing. Russell Crowe’s Jor El is very good. You can’t really compare him with Brando, mostly because Crowe spends more time on screen than his predecessor. Clark Kent’s formative years are seen through flashbacks and this leaves more time for the plot to move along. The characters all and all, with a few exceptions were played very well.

Now for what I consider the downfalls: The story is a really big minus. The writers really took some license with Superman lore and not all for the better. First off, Superman doesn’t kill. Second, Clark always knew what he was and where he came from. This version of Superman for at least part of the movie has a large chip on his shoulder. Now in all fairness there should be some degree of emotional distress, but in this case it borders on the psychological. General Zod’s portrayal was rather odd as well. His “predestined” life didn’t sit well, which brings up another issue in that Kryptonian’s aren’t conceived, but grown. Maybe it’s a case of new minds and fresh ideas, but there are the things that left me shaking my head, wondering why. I also wasn’t fond of them essentially destroying a good portion of Metropolis in the fight. I found myself saying, “It was OK, but why did they do that?” a bit too much.

This movie has turned me off of Superman and I won’t be checking out any future movies without another reboot. I’d advise you to save the movie trip and wait until it is in the rental stores or the $5 bin. This one only get 2 of 5 Outposts from me.

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