OTF's Blue Publication August/September 2010
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Article by Richard Smith

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To CL3:

  • GeorgeMKirk (ST)
  • MLyndruss (SW)
  • nordic (ST)
  • RandomRomulan (ST)
  • RevanMalak (SW)
  • robert_babygirl2012 (SW)

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    10 Questions with Random Romulan

    Article by Sarek

    Please take a moment now and get to know one of the latest additions here at Ourpost 10F. This is the section in which we give new members an outlet to sound off on things. This month the Blue Report‘s Sarek takes 10 Questions to Random Romulan, the Blue Reports latest staff writer.

    BR: Tell us a little about yourself

    Random Romulan: Well, I'm definitely a Trekkie, basically not much more than that. I'm an 18 year old university student studying to double major in Political Science and Journalism.

    BR: How did you find Outpost 10f?

    Random Romulan: Actually, a chance Google search of "Star Trek chat" brought me to the wonderful airlock of Outpost10F.

    BR: What do you like most about the Outpost?

    Random Romulan:I really enjoy the friendly people and the subject matter of course, and I'm just getting in to the simm so hopefully I'll really like that, too.

    BR: Where did Skaara come from? Any special meaning behind the handle?

    Random Romulan: Romulans were my favourite villain race, plus I like to be anonymous, hence RandomRomulan

    BR: As we know you are new to the outpost, What is your opinions on the Auto-Refresh? Do you really think it makes it easier for new members?

    Random Romulan: I am more used to having to press Receive to get new messages, but I can see how Auto-Refresh is simpler. It lets me be in chat, from work, without having to stare at the screen, and keep remembering to Receive.

    BR: What do you like the most about the Outpost?

    Random Romulan: The people. The people at OTF are funny, and usually make me laugh. I was just skimming the past Blue Reports, and looking at the comic strips, laughing at all of them. :P

    BR: If you could choose to do anything in Outpost, what would you do?

    Random Romulan: I'd love to be a writer for the Blue Report

    BR: Why did you choose your Star Trek Affiliation?

    Random Romulan: I love Romulans.

    BR: If you could choose one thing that would make the Outpost better, what would it be?

    Random Romulan: At this point, I can't think of anything to improve such an awesome system.

    BR:Are you looking at any teams to join?

    Random Romulan: I've messaged Richard about being a freelance writer, just waiting the agonizing wait to hear back from him.

    BR:What do you think of Vic?

    Random Romulan: I think Vic is very useful, even if sometimes tedious.

    BR: Anything else you want to add for the good of the order?

    Random Romulan: nothing at the moment, if I think of something I’ll let you know. :P

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    Controlers at the ready!

    Article by Richard Smith

    We all like to have fun here at the Outpost, that’s why we keep coming back. In this issue of the Blue Report we sit down with Gaming TL Tycho to get the skinny on what’s coming up in the online gaming world and what that means for OTF.

    BR: So what exactly does the gaming team to?

    Tycho: We currently provide game/gaming platform news and run BNT, but we have some more plans for future projects.

    BR: What are some of the projects that the gaming team is working on?

    Tycho: Right now our biggest project is the OTF version of Black Nova Traders, but we also have people working on Gaming News and Game Reviews as well as gaming related articles. We also hope to organize some online game tournaments soon.

    BR: Gaming has enjoyed a resurgence lately, what do you attribute it to?

    Tycho: Gaming certainly is a topic at OTF these days. A lot of our members are playing agmes like World od Warcraft, StarCraft 2 or Battlefield, so why not make it part of our community and perhaps even attract new members by meeting them in online games and providing game news?

    BR: So do you see online gaming as an effective recruitment tool for OTF?

    Tycho: That has yet to be proven. Its worked with BNT so far.

    BR: What games are you guys excited about that are coming out in the near future?

    Tycho: The Old Republic looks very promising so far. Being made by Bioware and being a Star Wars MMORPG certainly is exciting. We hope to have a OTF guild there at some point, If there will be guilds, that is.

    BR: Is there anything new being planned for release?

    Tycho: Well, there are several things on our list, for example providing other small browser games for our members to play.

    BR: How does gaming choose their topics for review?

    Tycho: We think it would be nice to have reviews on games written by people who you actually know, instead of some stranger who writes for a game magazine or similar. That’s why we only choose games that actually were played by us. People can talk to the authors of our reviews and discuss the game for example.

    BR: What are some of your goals at the TL for the team?

    Tycho: My main goal right now is to get the team running smoothly, like articles and news on a regular base and of course bringing honor and glory to the fabulous Entertainment Department ;)

    BR: Do you have any openings on your team?

    Tycho: We’re currently looking for people who would like to do the Hardware News for Gaming and gaming reviews/news on Wii and PlayStation. We welcome everyone who thinks he can somehow contribute to the gaming team.

    BR: What do you look for in potential Gaming Team members?

    Tycho: well, being a gamer certainly helps, I guess They should of course be motivated and willing to work for and with the team.

    BR: Thanks for taking some time with us today.

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    Outpost 10F Classifieds

    Article by R. K. Wigal

    Current Openings:


    PS3 Game Reviewer - Duties will include writing reviews on current and upcomming PS3 titles, This person is also free to tap into PS3 hardware too, basically anything and everything to do with the PS3. No experience neccessary. Those interested should contact Team Leader Tycho

    PC Game Reviewer - Duties will include writing reviews on current and upcoming titles for PCs, No experience neccessary. Those interested should contact Team Leader Tycho

    PC Hardware Reviewer - Duties will include writing reviews on the latest pc hardware (graphics cards) and keep OTF up to date with the latest craze in the PC moding world. No experience neccessary. Those interested should contact Team Leader Tycho

    Trivia Team

    Members - Trivia Team is looking for members with interest in all of its genres: Star Wars, Fantasy, and Star Trek
    No experience neccessary, but duties do include weekly questions submissions and being able to host or assist in trivia events is definate plus. Intrested parties should contact Team Leader Soka

    Simming Team

    Mission Writers - Simming has several openings for mission writers. Inquiries for all genres will be accepted. Those interested in Star Wars highly sought. Responsibilities will include writing a mission for use in Simm weekly. Simming Experience not necessary, but ability to tell a good story is a must have. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

    Library Team

    Freelance Reviewers - The Library Team is looking for freelance reviewers to review popular novels, comics, and authors. If interested contact Team Leader RuseMD .

    Team Members - The Library Team is also looking for team members to help in a variety of ways such as establishing new projects and compiling e-books, choosing authors for author spotlight posts, and writing small posts for the forum. If interested contact Team Leader RuseMD .

    Music Guild

    Biographers - The Music Guild is looking for members to compile biographies and histories of various musical artists. HTML and any other coding skills are a plus. If interested contact Team Leader Roger Smith .

    Reviewers - The Music Guild is looking for members to review anything and everything musical. HTML and any other coding skills are a plus. If interested contact Team Leader Roger Smith .

    Artist's Guild

    Members - The Artist's Guild is looking for members to join it's Graphics Team. The Graphics Team is used around OTF to make graphics for various departments. Applicants must have at least two examples of work to show. Those interested should contact JTK

    Blue Report

    Free Lance Writers - The Blue Report is in need of people to accept as needed assignments. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

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    Article by R. K. Wigal

    Seb Strellus was next in line to leave orbit. The controls in his hands felt strangely new to him, even though he'd held them countless times. He felt every inch of the pilot's seat under his thin, five foot nine inch frame, as if this were his first time aboard. He could hear the slightest creak and groan in his sleek little craft. Indeed, he could almost hear the hammering of his heart above the drone of the idling engines. He leaned forward. Peering to the right and aft, he grimaced at the sight of the starfighter escort that would ostensibly fly cover for him. He leaned back again, tense, and closed his eyes. He'd made courier runs off planet dozens of times. He'd been to Belau Colony, to Lycon VII, to the score or more worlds and outposts that CorpExPed had sent him. But today's trip would be different. Today, he would ignore the flight plan Pleia Flight Control had carefully laid out for him. Today, he would escape to the rumored outpost... or today, he would die in the spatial void knowing it didn't exist.

    Read the rest of this story here!.

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    Just for Laughs

    Article by RandomRomulan

    Just for Laughs

    Just for Laughs

    Just for Laughs

    Just for Laughs

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    Just for Fun

    Article by R. K. Wigal

    Just for Fun

    1 He's not from around here
    6 It's bigger than the UN
    9 Fencing helmsman
    13 Blanket
    14 OSS once
    15 West. st.
    16 Roasted, as meat in Cadiz
    17 Hippy acid, briefly
    18 _____glyphics
    19 On the horns of a _______
    21 Many old time westerns are two of these
    23 Dry (wine use)
    24 How ye shall find
    25 One flies by night
    28 Nat'l. cops of Canada
    30 Stolen car recovery system
    35 ____ and a wink
    37 Castor and cod liver
    39 Director King _____
    40 Actress Laughlin
    41 1923 Nobel Laureate in Literature
    43 Up and coming singer
    44 Ancient Mexican civilization
    46 Organized 1st US box. championships
    47 Arduous journey
    48 Actress Sharp
    50 Organic compound
    52 _____ Beso, Paul Anka hit
    53 Desert dry
    55 Vietnamese New Year
    57 _______ Complete Shmoo
    61 Canonized third century Theban Legion martyr
    65 Brand of telescope
    66 London privy
    68 Make law
    69 Shaquille
    70 Tolkien race
    71 Ready to swing
    72 He sat in the chair
    73 1st of many, briefly
    74 Stellar communicator
    1 Western Atlantic fish
    2 ____tron
    3 Egg shape
    4 Yield
    5 Make of guitar
    6 Pac-10 Conf. sch.
    7 Wi and refollowers
    8 San Diego player
    9 Windcatcher
    10 Title character in a 1997 film
    11 Famous NY train
    12 ETs drive them
    15 Russian navigator
    20 Bones
    22 Conger
    24 Sloped
    25 He got the corbomite ultimatum
    26 Carolina reptile
    27 Mel, "The Velvet Fog"
    29 Demeanor
    31 Dump
    32 Worship
    33 Centers
    34 He had a piece of the action
    36 Machining tools
    38 Mister Laurel
    42 Stellar engineer
    45 Assistant to 20D
    49 Dada artist
    51 Madeleine who was in "Casablanca"
    54 A spit of land in a lake, say
    56 A dime to a dollar(with one)
    57 Berserk
    58 Director Riefenstahl
    59 A Welsh fortress
    60 Aleutian island
    61 Winos
    62 He played Ramdar in "Song of India"
    63 Acne remnant, say
    64 James of jazz
    67 "Walking on Thin Ice" singer

    Crossword Solution

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