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    10 Questions with Chief

    Article by Sarek

    Again we are on a quest to find out more about the newest members to join the ranks here at Outpost10F. This month you can find out more about Melissa or as you may know her…Chief

    BR: Tell us a little about yourself?

    Chief: My name is Melissa ,I am 27 & have a 6 year old daughter named Samantha . I use to work for a video store for about 3 years & worked as a waitress for 5 before that. I work from home now making jewelry .I am very into movies as some of u have already had the fun to find out. I love James Patterson books (Kiss the girls , Along came a spider ).

    BR: How did you find Outpost10f?

    Chief: I was surfing the net for things about Star trek & came across this site.

    BR: What do you like most about the Outpost?

    Chief: I like the fact that all the members are from around the world ,I never thought I would have the chance to converse with people that lived outside of South Africa.

    BR: Does your online name have any special meaning?

    Chief: Chief came about when my best friend said I always wanted to be in charge,since then she has always called me chief . She has called me that for the past 13 years ,I guess the nickname has stuck .

    BR: If you could choose to do anything in the outpost what would you do?

    Chief: I would love to work for the trivia dept. I love trivia; it’s my favorite part of Outpost 10F.

    BR: Why did you choose your affiliation?

    Chief: I am a Star trek fan & that will never change.

    BR: Are you looking at any teams to join?

    Chief: I am not yet familiar with the teams as of yet,but will be glad to join any at this time.

    BR: What do you think of Vic?

    Chief: Vic is great , he keeps me informed & up to date with what is going on with Outpost 10F.

    BR: What do you think could be done to make the Outpost even better?

    Chief: As I have not yet been with outpost 10F for long I can't think of anything I would change . In my mind it's great the way it is.

    BR: Anything else you would like to add?

    Chief: To end things off I would like to thank everybody for this chance to let u get to know me better . I hope to be here for many years to came as this is the best chat site I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of . I look forward to meeting more people here & make friend like I have already .Hope to see you's there:).

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    Outpost10f Classifieds

    Article by R. K. Wigal

    Current Openings:

    Trivia Team

    Members - Trivia Team is looking for members in all of its divisions: Capella (Star Wars), Gemini(Fantasy), and Phoenix (Star Trek)
    No experience neccessary, but duties do include weekly questions submissions and being able to host or assist in trivia events is definate plus. Intrested parties should contact Team Leader Majin Kaze


    Assistant Team Leader - Simming is in need of an ATL to assist Team Leader Kaela. Anyone with current Simm experience is encouraged to apply Duties to include helping to rebuild the Simm Team. If you want in on the ground floor, this is the place for you. Those interested should contact Team Leader Kaela L. Donos

    Members - Simming is in need of experienced simmers to bolster it's ranks. if you have any simming experience and would like to get in on the ground floor of a team in transition contact Team Leader Kaela L. Donos. Duties would include hosting or assisting with the monthly simm sessions and other duties as determined by the leadership.

    Library Team

    Freelance Reviewers - The Library Team is looking for freelance reviewers to review popular novels, comics, and authors. If interested contact Team Leader RuseMD .

    Team Members - The Library Team is also looking for team members to help in a variety of ways such as establishing new projects and compiling e-books, choosing authors for author spotlight posts, and writing small posts for the forum. If interested contact Team Leader RuseMD .

    Music Guild

    Biographers - The Music Guild is looking for members to compile biographies and histories of various musical artists. HTML and any other coding skills are a plus. If interested contact Team Leader Roger Smith .

    Reviewers - The Music Guild is looking for members to review anything and everything musical. HTML and any other coding skills are a plus. If interested contact Team Leader Roger Smith .

    Artist's Guild

    Members - The Artist's Guild is looking for members to join it's Graphics Team. The Graphics Team is used around OTF to make graphics for various departments. Applicants must have at least two examples of work to show. Those interested should contact JTK

    Blue Report

    Video Editor - The Blue Report is in need of someone who is experienced in the field of video editing. Responsibilities will include editing videos, uploading them to You Tube for use in the blue report. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

    Free Lance Writers - The Blue Report is in need of people to accept as needed assignments. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

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    Just for Laughs

    Article by Richard Smith

    Blue Report Funnies

    Blue Report Funnies

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