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Article by Richard Smith

Here’s a question for you… Have you told anyone about Outpost10F lately? I know it seems like an odd question, but really it is a very relevant one. There are only 2 whys that I can think of that we can attract new blood to your little corner of the web. We can depend on Google to bring people our way, or we can take an active role in bringing our friend to the Outpost. I am also guilty of not letting friends know about us, but I will endeavour to change that starting today. Will you take that challenge as well? Sure it may be an interesting subject to broach, but it may reach one of your best buds and who know what en impact it could have on their life. Sure not everyone that you meet will be “the one” like it happened for Brandi and Iain and a few other couples, but you could be giving the gift of eternal friendship. Think about it and take an active role in bringing people to the place where friends meet.

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He really does have a plan!

Article by Richard Smith

In an altogether interesting move the Admiralty has decided to bring back the Entertainment Department to oversee some new ideas to keep the masses happy. Taking the throne as Senior Manager is AJ, a past SM of Entertainment. We sit down with AJ to ask him what his plans are for the New and Improved Entertainment Department

BR:Thanks for taking time for an interview

AJ:It provides me with an alibi when the Rozzers come asking nosey questions...

BR:So how did the decision to re-start Entertainment go down?

AJ:Erm, I was pestering Lee for something to do around the place, and a few days later I was asked if I wanted to re-start ENT, given that I was an awesome SM before. I said yes =)

BR:You been the Senior Manager for Entertainment before, what’s going to be different this time?

AJ:More fun, less work. I don't care for reports or red-tape. I want folks to do whatever they can offer, regardless of how little it is. OTF is a hobby - I want folks to have fun.

BR:What will the new Entertainment department look like and will it have the same feel as the old one?

AJ:In parts, it'll be as it was. Trivia won't be changing, but the Gaming team is going to be totally different. If successful, I think it will outstrip Trivia in terms of popularity...! *Editors Note: BRING IT ON!!!*

BR:What are some of the ideas you would like to see accomplished?

AJ:For people to have fun. Sounds ambiguous, but I'm not doing big market plans and strategies. I just want folks to realize the fun that can be had with mates at OTF. Simple as that, really!

BR:Is there a timeline as to when you would like to have things done?

AJ:These things take as long as they take. Being a hobby, I'm not going to set deadlines for things because I don't want people to feel pressured into getting something done. Again, it boils down to having a laugh, an hour or two a week, and enjoying yourself.

BR:What kind of people are you looking for to fill new positions?

AJ:Anyone and everyone, really!

BR:Have you found people’s overall response to the new team to be positive?

AJ:Yeah, actually. Those who know about the new Gaming team in detail seem to be very excited by it indeed!!

BR:Tell us something about yourself that some people may not know…

AJ:I got arrested for allegedly (I cannot remember this as I was drunk, so it could be my friends making up fantastic stories..) urinating on a police officers shoes. =)

BR:Anything else you want to add?

AJ:Have fun, folks! Ya only get one crack at life - don't be worrying about niggly things. Drink, and be merry!

Thanks for taking some time for the Blue Report.

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To CL3:

  • basicPadme (SW)

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    New Member Spotlight

    Article by Sarek

    In the interest of getting to know each other that much better, we continue our series looking at Outpost10F’s latest members. This month we take a moment to get to know Dani.

    BR: Tell us a little about yourself?

    Dani: I'm Dani or Danielle I don't mind which I'm called. I come from Newcastle in the UK. I work in a pub night managing it. I have a 11 year old Daughter called Charlie. My daughter's name is Charlotte but most call her Charlie. I'm not really into Star Trek but I do like general sci fi. I think that's about it

    BR: How did you find Outpost10f?

    Dani: I found OTF though a old member of the chat, Stringfellow he told me about the chat when he was on leave. It started as me looking for a safe place to chat where i was not /w pm'd to death by guys looking for cyber sex.

    BR: What do you like most about the Outpost?

    Dani: I think the outpost is a safe friendly place to come to for people of all ages. I find the people there interesting and easy to talk to, on my first night there I met a lot of friendly people.

    BR: Does your online name have any special meaning?

    Dani: Not really I use my own name in the chat. I find it easier as most of the names people call me are not usable in OTF.

    BR: If you could choose to do anything in the outpost what would you do?

    Dani: I think I would choose to see what a day in the life of the department heads was like.

    BR: Why did you choose your affiliation?

    Dani: I choose at random I thought it was an all Star Trek room at first.

    BR: Are you looking at any teams to join?

    Dani: I would join any of the teams that need a hand if I can do it I will do so.

    BR: What do you think of Vic?

    Dani: Vic's okay he keeps us informed of things that are going on.

    BR: What do you think could be done to make the Outpost even better?

    Dani: I think we could get more members to bring a friend in or something. but over all I like the Outpost as it is. I would like to thank the team for interviewing me if that's ok and also Michael who spent a lot of time tracking me down as I'm not easy to get hold of when I'm not in otf :)

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    Outpost10F Classifieds

    Article by Richard Smith

    Current Openings:

    Trivia Team
    Members - Trivia Team is looking for members in all of its divisions: Capella (Star Wars),Gemini(Fantasy), and Phoenix (Star Trek)
    No experience neccessary, but duties do include weekly questions submissions and being able to host or assist in trivia events is definate plus. Intrested parties should contact Team Leader Majin Kaze

    Assistant Team Leader - Simming is in need of an ATL to assist Team Leader Kaela. Anyone with current Simm experience is encouraged to apply Duties to include helping to rebuild the Simm Team. If you want in on the ground floor, this is the place for you. Those interested should contact Team Leader Kaela L. Donos

    Members - Simming is in need of experienced simmers to bolster it's ranks. if you have any simming experience and would like to get in on the ground floor of a team in transition contact Team Leader Kaela L. Donos. Duties would include hosting or assisting with the monthly simm sessions and other duties as determined by the leadership.

    Library Team
    Freelance Reviewers - The Library Team is looking for freelance reviewers to review popular novels, comics, and authors. If interested contact Team Leader RuseMD .

    Team Members - The Library Team is also looking for team members to help in a variety of ways such as establishing new projects and compiling e-books, choosing authors for author spotlight posts, and writing small posts for the forum. If interested contact Team Leader RuseMD .

    Blue Report

    Video Editor - The Blue Report is in need of someone who is experienced in the field of video editing. Responsibilities will include editing videos, uploading them to youtube for use in the blue report. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

    Free Lance Writers - The Blue Report is in need of people to accept as needed assignments. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

    Classified Coordinator - Yup I am looking for someone to run this section of the BR. Duties will include contacting Team Leaders to see if they have openings, and also putting them in the Blue Report. HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required. Those interested should contact Richard Smith

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    Just for laughs

    Article by R. K. Wigal

    Blue Report Funnies

    Blue Report Funnies

    Blue Report Funnies

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